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A few scanned detailed maps

detail from Lansing area parks map


 Lansing parks map panel

Details from: Lansing parks and recreation map. Published in Lansing, Michigan, September 1999 by the Lansing Parks & Recreation Department. Library catalog record:

GIS datasets are often created by the managing unit of government.  So this creates problems with parks -- the city government manages city parts, the county government manages county parks, etc.  But when doing a site study, you are likely interested in all parks regardless of their managing unit.  This map kindly includes all kinds of parks plus related greenspaces such as cemeteries.  Having been published in 1999, it doesn't include any trails.

Lansing area bicycle trail map, 2018

Detail from Lansing area trail map


Detail from Crosstown bicycle route map, published in Lansing in 2018 by the Tri-County Bicycle Association. not yet cataloged by MSU Libraries.

This booklet is published periodically, the most recent edition came out in 2018.  It includes trails managed and maintained by a variety of entities, plus marks those roads that are particularly good or bad for bicycle traffic.  It has very little information about parks.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

detail from sanborn map of east lansing

The Sanborn Fire Insurance company made extremely detailed maps of city centers (about 335 cities in Michigan alone) between the 1880s and 1950s.  It provides incredible detail about the size and shape of individual buildings and even how many stories they are.  Pink and blue indicate brick and stone siding.

Nirenstein's real estate atlas

detail from Nirenstein's real estate atlasDetail from Nirenstein's real estate atlas of the Central States: preferred real estate locations of business properties... published in Springfield, Massachusetts in the 1950s by Nirenstein's National Realty Map Co. Library catalog record:

We have scanned the pages for Dearborn, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, the Gratiot/7-Mile area, Lansing, Pontiac, and Saginaw.  We only have this one undated edition that was made some time in the 1950s.

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