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LB 492 (Parks): Researching COVID

This Guide

This guide shows you some of the resources at MSU Libraries for researching COVID-19-related topics. You can also look at the MSU Libraries guide on COVID data and research

blue, black and white illustration on a blue background. Woman in a tank top. One arm is flexed and has a band-aid on it. Text: #Sleeveup to Fight COVID-19

Using the Library, AY 2021-2022

Things on campus are looking different due to COVID-19, and the library is no exception. Here are some links to instructions and videos that tell you how you can still get library books, print documents at the library, and study at the library. BE AWARE THAT MASKS MUST BE WORN IN THE LIBRARY. Library staff may stop you if they see you are not wearing one; if you don't have one on you, the library has some disposables. 

Dean's Message about current library access

Using the Library: Things to Know

Getting Library Books (2020/2021): video How to requests books, book chapters and Interlibrary Loan titles during the 2020/2021 academic year. These are no longer the only ways to get books--the Dean's message, above, tells you about other ways to do so (including just going to the library, finding the book, and checking it out). But these methods will also still work. 

Remote Library Access (2020/2021): video How to access journal articles, ebooks and databases if you are off campus. This information is still current, even though the title says 2020/2021

Off-Campus Google Scholar: video How to get to the full text of articles if you are using Google Scholar off campus. 

Finding Background Information on COVID, Epidemics, and Pandemics

If you're looking at a topic you haven't researched before, it's often a good idea to start with a reference source like an encyclopedia. The books here will give you some general understanding about pandemics and infectious diseases--they'll also help you understand new terminology.

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