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SS21: LB492 (Pennock) Darwin's Law: Places to Start

Overview/General Sources

If you're starting with a general topic or concept and want to get an idea of how it has been or is being discussed in philosophy or science and technology studies, these reference sources are good places to start. Oxford Bibliographies, especially, will tell you who the key writers and theorists have been on a specific topic, what the subsets of the topic are, and what publications are available about it. In all of these sources, pay attention to the bibliographies! They are great places to find more specific sources for your project, or at least some places to start.

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The debate over creationism is a bit different than other evolution topics, since it involves religion and history in addition to science. scholars in the humanities are more likely to publish books than scientists, so you may want to look for books on creationism. Here are some books that may be relevant.

Some additional resources

Encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries and handbooks are also great places to start, and they can help you understand the terminology in the scientific literature if it's unfamiliar to you. Here are some that may be useful.

Additional Tips on Finding Books

If you've found one book on your topic, or one you like, the library makes it easy to find others on the same topic. Two ways to do it:

1. Use the subject links. When you click on a title from your results list, you'll see these below the book's call number. Click on one that seems pertinent to your project, and you'll see all the other books indexed with that subject. These are the subject links for Creationism's Trojan Horse.

subject headings Center for Science & Culture. 	Creationism -- United States. 	Evolution (Biology) -- Religious aspects -- Christianity. 	Intelligent design (Teleology) 	Creationism -- Study and teaching -- United States. 	Evolution (Biology) -- Study and teaching -- United States. 	Intelligent design (Teleology) -- Study and teaching -- United States.

2. Browse Shelf: Below the subject links, many book records also have this feature. It shows roughly what you'd see if you could go to the library and look at the actual bookshelves. Since books at our library are categorized by the Library of Congress cataloging system, all books on the same topic are shelved together. Here is the Browse Shelf on Creationism's Trojan Horse, where you can see other books on creationism.

graphic bookshelf with books titled: Evolution, True or False?;Evolution and the Fall; Arkansas College Students' Attitudes on the "creation" and "evolution" of man [sic]; Creationism's Trojan Horse; Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 2

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