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AFRE 206: World Food, Population & Poverty: Readings

Fall 2023

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Assigned Readings - I. DEMAND


L1- Tuesday August 29, 2023: Introduction and overview of the course

L2- Thursday August 31, 2023: The World Food Problem and Why We Care

L3- Tuesday September 5, 2023: Conceptual framework and key concepts - Development

L4- Thursday September 7, 2023: Conceptual framework and key concepts – Poverty

L5- Tuesday September 12, 2023: Conceptual framework and key concepts - Poverty continued and globalization

L6- Thursday September 14, 2023: Economics of food demand

L7- Tuesday September 19, 2023: Population growth trends: demographic transition model and trends

L8- Thursday September 21, 2023: Gender, agriculture, and food security

L9- Tuesday September 26, 2023: Food security and food waste

Assigned Readings - II. SUPPLY

L11- Tuesday October 3, 2023: Economics of food supply

L12- Thursday October 5, 2023: Aligning food demand with supply

L13- Tuesday October 10, 2023:Structural Transformation and Economic Growth

L14- Thursday October 12, 2023: Agricultural Production and the Environment

L15- Tuesday October 17, 2023: Shocks and Stressors - Climate Change: Impacts and Adaptation Strategies

L16- Thursday October 19, 2023: Shocks and Stressors - Armed Conflicts


L17- Thursday October 26, 2023: Introduction to Public Policy and Agriculture

L18- Tuesday October 31, 2023: Introduction to AID

L20- Tuesday November 7, 2023: National policies to address food security (SAPs)

L21- Thursday November 9, 2023: National policies to address food security (taxes and subsidies)

L22- Tuesday November 14, 2023: National policies to address food security (taxes and subsidies)

L23- Thursday November 16, 2023: Political economy of agricultural production

Assigned Readings - Post Break

L25- Tuesday November 28, 2023- Resilience concept and measurement

Notes and readings will be provided later.

L26- Thursday November 30, 2023- Data revolution and agriculture

L27- Tuesday December 5, 2023- Data revolution and agriculture-continued

Textbook - full text, online

Other Readings