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AFRE 300: Public Policy Issues in the Agri-Food System: Readings

Spring 2022. Dr. Michael Olabisi

Changes are coming!

Fall 2020 reunited many of us on campus, but we still have many online-only classes and situations. The MSU Libraries follows the mandates for social distancing and mask-wearing set by the University. The Library homepage will provide guidance for library hours, entry and policies. If you have concerns or need something you can't find, you can email me or, for quicker service, use the Ask a Librarian options. This semester the Libraries will be updating our search interface for all materials. We hope the change will make locating items easier and faster. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Week 1






















Week 3 - The Process of Making Food Policy

Week 5 - Commodity Programs

Week 7 - Environmental Issues in the Food System

Week 9 - Spring Break














Week 11 - Trade Negotiations, Trade Policies and Agriculture

Week 13 - The Environment and International Trade

Week 15 - Capstone Week: Crises and the Food System

Week 2 - Public Policy: Bumper-Stickers and Beyond

Week 4 - Agri-Food Economics: Adjustment Problems and Policy Tools




























Week 6 - Health, Ethics, Nutrition and Other Issues in the Agri-Food System























Week 8 - Agrifood Policies and the Environment

Week 10 - Issues in International Trade Policy

Week 12 - Trade and Policy: Case Studies




















Week 14 - Exchange Rates and the Linkage of Macroeconomics to the Food System

Week 16 - Guest Speaker

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