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French News: French News

This is a guide to finding news in French and news about France. It does not include African French. Last updated 06-05-2023

French News

The Libraries' overall newspaper guide.

Le Monde

1944-2000.  Center left politically. Le Monde is a leading French newspaper. Established in 1944, after France's liberation, Le Monde rose from the ashes of Le Temps, following de Gaulle's wish for a new paper of reference. First edited by Hubert Beuve-Mery, Le Monde established itself as an independent newspaper through its in-depth, quality reporting on national and international news and politics, business and the economy, the arts, and the media. Its political commentary and section on the arts, including a weekly literary supplement, are widely influential. Over the years, Le Monde has developed several supplements and sections to increase readership, such as Le Monde de l'education. Other initiatives, such as Le Monde Diplomatique (below) and the Cahiers du Cinema, (below)  have established themselves as successful, independent publications. The Le Monde free web site offers a little really recent news for free.  We have a paper index to Le Monde in Consulting Reference, 1 East, A 121 .M6, covering 1944-48 and 1965-67.  A back up to the online version exists in the form of microfilm 1600 in Remote Storage for 1956 and 1965-1980.

Le Monde Diplomatique

2006-online; 1997- Remote Storage JX 3 .M65Recent paper issues in Popular Journals and Magazines, 2 West

Starting out as a supplement to the French daily newspaper Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique has successfully established itself as an independent publication, highly regarded in diplomatic and academic circles. As its name indicates, Le Monde Diplomatique covers the world's political, diplomatic, and economic news. Its contributors are international, and an English version is also available as a supplement to The Guardian. Providing lengthy, in-depth analysis of worldwide diplomatic events, the particular strength of Le Monde Diplomatique lies in its extensive coverage of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Following its "parent" publication, the general editorial standpoint of Le Monde Diplomatique may be characterized as center-left. The web site is well organized and provides free access to the full text of select articles. A core title for libraries that support international and political studies. (Ulrichsweb).


2013- online; Remote Storage AP 20 .E89 1966- with recent paper issues in Popular Journals and Magazines, 2 West

In print since 1953, this news and current affairs magazine offers investigative articles and point-of-view pieces on a variety of political and social debates, both in France and the wider world. Specific sections include world news, French issues, society, science and health, media (television and film), sport, and photographic essays.

L'Express International  Remote Storage AP 20 .E89 [1985]-1996 and 1998-2014 (ceased)

Cahiers du Cinema  Main PN 1993 .C3  [1959-] with recent issues in Popular Journals and Magazines, 2 West

This is the most famous French film periodical, known since 1951 for its provocative and influential film criticism. In addition to extensive coverage of French film, the cinemas of Europe, America, and the developing world receive treatment from various ideological perspectives. Each issue feature several lengthy reviews, written by and directed to literate cineastes. Full-color photos and stills fill the magazine. 1951-1964 are on microfilm in Remote Storage #12783. To bring issues out from Remote Storage Search do an Advanced Search in our Books and Media catalog.  Put in 12783 Microfilm and choose call number search using the drop down arrow.  In the entry there is a "Get This" button to click on to have issues brought out of Remote Storage to the Circulation Desk in the Main Library to use.

We do have "bits and pieces" of a few other newspapers, mostly older, often in microformat.  Find them by doing a search in our Books and Media catalog. Click on the word Catalog.  Choose Browse Alphabetically Browse by Subject and put in the subject heading newspapers--France.


Some Web Sites that May Offer Some Free News Content:

Foreign Language News and Newspapers: French

A library guide by Tina Chan at MIT Libraries offering many links to French and Canadian news sources that may offer some free content.

Francophone News Canada

From Library and Archives Canada.  Scroll down to Quebec.  Several papers with possible free content in French, with links.

French and Francophone News Europe

From American Library Association, ACRL, European Studies Section.  This page offers links that are General and for Belgium/Luxembourg, Canada, France, Monaco, and Switzerland.

International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON)

A database of the Center for Research Libraries, a giant library in Chicago to which academic libraries belong (MSU does) and from which we can borrow items on interlibrary loan.  ICON is a very comprehensive database of information about significant newspaper collections in print, digital and micro formats.  CRL does not own all that is included in this database. Spring, 2022 the database has 47,654,482 issues from 181,292 publications dating from 16492015. At this site, click on search the ICON catalog.  Switch to advanced search.  Then you can search by country or language, as well as for particular publications by title, etc.   Just asking for France is too broad.  You need to specify time period also, and/or city/town.  Results, the titles of the papers, are clickable to see their bibliographical details and whether CRL has the publication or not.