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Michigan State University

WS 307: Womxn of Color Feminisms: Researching & Interacting with Information

Research Workshop: Discussion Exercise

Discussion Exercise

  • What topic are you interested in researching for your WS 307 project?
  • What strategies do you anticipate using for finding sources?
  • What questions do you have about your WS 307 project?
  • How can the library help?

Refining a Topic

To narrow a topic, consider raising what, why/how, who, where, and when questions:

  • What: What questions do you have about the topic?
  • Why/How: Why and how is the topic meaningful to you and/or to society more broadly?
  • Who: Which population or group are you interested in researching?
  • Where: Which geographic area (local/state, national, or international) are you interested in researching?
  • When: Which time period are you interested in researching (historical or current)?

Adapted from MIT Libraries

Questions to Raise When Reviewing Information Sources

  • What strikes you or surprises you about the information presented?
  • How would the information be useful for your project?
  • Who is the author? How could various areas of identity and forms of oppression shape the author’s experiences? How might this shape the information conveyed?
  • Who is the intended audience for this information?
  • What outside sources does the author use? How would the additional sources be useful for your research?