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Michigan State University

SCM 372: Company Research

Appropriate Sources

Practitioner journal examples

  • Supply Chain Management Review
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Business Horizons

Practitioner website examples

Academic journal examples

  • Journal of Business Logistics
  • Production and Operations Management Journal
  • Interfaces
  • California Management Review

Introduction to Company Research

When researching a company, it is important to know whether it is public, private or a subsidiary of a larger company.

Public companies are the easiest to research. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires them to provide detailed information on a quarterly basis and must also issue annual reports.

Subsidiaries of public companies can be difficult to research because the parent company is not required to report on each of them individually.

Private companies are not required to release any information about themselves and are therefore more challenging to research.

General Information

Use Corporate Affiliations to find out if your company is the Parent, whether it is Public or Private, and where it is headquartered. Parent companies that are publically owned in the United States will generally be easier to research.

Also look for their Products, and Hierarchy, to learn more about the company.

Finding Books

  • Use the company name in addition to key search terms
  • Using those search terms, enter one at a time into the "Search Plus" search box on the Main Library's home page
  • Using the keys on the left hand side, narrow in on "Books/Ebooks" under, and narrow in on "Publication Date" to include only titles written after 2008

Finding Articles

  • First, go to the MSU Libraries Main Home Page, and under the Search Box, click on "Advanced Search"
  • Using Advanced Search, you can look for articles in specific publications. Enter your search term into the top All Fields Box
  • In the next box, enter the name of the publication you want to search, also changing the dropdown to "Publication Title". You can continue entering the names of different publications, making sure to select "OR" after each selection.
  • When you've entered your information, it should look something like this:
  • Hit Search and you can see your results. Narrow your options with the fields at the left, or use the back button to change your search.
  • If you're having trouble finding articles, consider expanding your search with more key terms, or expanding the number of journals you are searching.

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