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Michigan State University

New Librarian Roundtable Resources: Cohorts

Resources, schedules, best practices for onboarding new librarians to MSU.

Current Cohort

Reappointment year: 2022

Erika Weir, Physical Sciences Librarian

Garrett Sumner, Conservation Librarian

Jennie Russell, Acting Records Manager and Project Archivist

Leslie McRoberts, Head of Special Collections

Matthew Wilcox, Audiovisual Archivist

Megan Badgley Malone, Collections and Outreach Archivist

Regina Gong, Open Educational Resources and Student Success Librarian

Sarah Roberts, Acquisitions Archivist (CA)

Whitney Miller, Processing Archivist (CA)

William Langston, Entrepreneurship Librarian


2015-2016 (Reappointment year: 2018)

Amanda Tickner, GIS/Geospatial Data Librarian

Cen Cheng, Assistant Head of Interlibrary Services

Katie Emery, Business Librarian

Lydia Tang, Special Collections Librarian

Mari Monosoff-Richards, Health Sciences Liaison to the College of Human Medicine

Megan Kudzia, Digital Library Programmer

Robin Dean, Metadata Librarian


Reappointment year: 2021

Ben Hall, Business Librarian

Andrew Lundeen, Turfgrass Projects Librarian

Sarah Mainville, Media Preservation Librarian

Zoë McLaughlin, Southeast Asian Studies Librarian and Diversity Resident

Andy Boyles Petersen, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Erik Ponder, African Studies Librarian

Andrea Salazar, Teaching and Learning Librarian and Diversity Resident

2014-2015 (Reappointment year: 2017)

Bexx Caswell-Olson, Special Collections Conservator

Emilia Marcyk, Instructional Technology and Information Literacy Librarian

Iris Kovar-Gough, Health Sciences Educational Technology Librarian

Jessica Sender. Instructional Technology and Information Literacy Librarian

Nicole Smeltekop, Special Materials Catalog Librarian

Patrick Olson, Rare Books Librarian

Ryan Edge, Media Preservation Librarian

Thomas Padilla, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Tim Kiser, Special Materials Catalog Librarian


Reappointment year: 2020

Chana Kraus-Friedberg, Health Sciences Librarian

Grace Haynes, Music Librarian

Jessica Achberger, African Studies Librarian

Marco Seiferle-Valencia, Digital Scholarship Outreach Librarian

Robin Ford, Science Librarian

Sarah Klimek, U.S. History Librarian

Tad Boehmer, Rare Books Cataloger

2013-2014 (Reappointment year: 2016)

Bobby Smiley, Digital Scholarship and American History Librarian

Ebony Magnus, User Experience and Assessment Librarian

Eric Tans, Environmental Sciences Librarian

Lee Sochay, Head of Acquisitions

Terence O'Neill, Entrepreneurship Librarian

Tina Qin, Chemistry Librarian


Reappointment year: 2019

Alex Hauser, Business Librarian

Carin Graves, Liaison to Sociology, Social Work, and Human Development and Family Studies

Elisa Landaverde, Metadata Librarian

Elizabeth Webster, Information Literacy Librarian and Liaison to James Madison

Joshua Sanchez, User Experience Librarian

Lisa Lorenzo, Metadata Librarian

Scout Calvert, Data Librarian

2012 - 2013 (Reappointment year 2014/2015, CA year 2017/2018)

Andrea Kepsel, Veterinary Medical Librarian

Autumn Faulkner, Assistant Head of Cataloging and Metadata

Devin Higgins, Digital Library Programmer

Emily Sanford, Serials Catalog Librarian

Jill Morningstar, Education, Psychology & Children's Literature Librarian

Julia Frankosky, Government Documents Librarian

Rachel Minkin, Head of Reference Services

Michigan State University