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OST 581: Searching for Ethical/Legal Dimensions of Medicine

Medical Ethics, Professionalism and Law

MATCH Datasets

Metadata Access Tool for Climate and Health

This resources allow you to browse climate and health related topics.

Searching Tips

To locate a peer reviewed scholarly article in public health, your first stop should always be PubMed.  It is the primary database that collects medical and public health literature.


Fundamentals of searching

When searching a database like Pubmed you will want to try multiple terms, use synonyms, and do multiple searches combining various terms.  Use the word "AND" to combine the various terms together.

For this assignment you will want to search for an article using a variety of terms in your search.terms like 


"Ethics, Clinical"


"Personal Autonomy"

"Social Justice"


"Advance Directives"

"Living Wills"

"Compensation and Redress

 Combine these in various ways to get more complete results and coverage of the literature on a topic.

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