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Michigan State University

CSS 192: Professional Development Seminar I: Reference Materials

Reference Works - General Agriculture

Crop protection handbook [Greenbook CPR].
SB950.9 .C76  ed.25 2009

Handbook of world economic plants: A standard reference / John H. Wiersema, Blanca León, 1999.
SB107 .W485 1999

Plant Management Network Education Center
The PMN Education Center offers a growing collection of educational webcast modules for growers, consultants, and other crop professionals. These presentations are ideal for self-training on the protection and production of various crops. The featured webcasts are viewable at no cost. Please visit monthly to see the latest featured webcasts. Archived webcasts require a low-cost subscription, which includes access to all 12 Plant Management Network resources.

Urban Ag Reference Works

Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals, 3 Volume Set [Knovel]. Wiley-Interscience [Imprint] Dec. 2002 Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated [2002].

Encyclopedia of organic, sustainable, and local food [ebook] / edited by Leslie A. Duram. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Greenwood, c2010.

Starting a Farm in the City: Change Your Community By Growing What You Eat
Discusses the idea of changing your community by what you eat- opportunities to develop a cooperative urban garden/farm. Homemade vegtables, flowers, community spirit and cooperation.

Urban Agriculture: A Literature Review - Urban Agriculture: Differing Phenomena in Differing Regions of the World / Charlie W. Lesher, Jr. USDA, NAL, Autumn 2006 [download the 96 page pdf]

The following are free indexes - no subscription needed.

Urban Agriculture Notes by City Farmer - Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture [former site:]

Urban Agriculture, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) - USDA

Soil Science Resources

Encyclopedia of soil science [electronic resource] / edited by Ward Chesworth. Springerlink, 2008. Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Encyclopedia of soil science [electronic resource] / edited by Rattan Lal. Marcel Dekker, 2002.
Covers all branches of soil science, from mineralogy and physics to soil management and restoration. Online version features quarterly updates, keyword searchability, color graphics, and customized content views.

Encyclopedia of soils in the environment / Daniel Hillel; Jerry L. Hatfield ... [et al.].
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S596 .E53 2005  v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Agrophysics [electronic resource]
The Encyclopedia of Agrophysics provides about 250 informative articles and ca 400 glossary terms covering all aspects of agrophysics. The authors represent renowned specialists in various disciplines in agrophysics from a wide variety of countries. Agrophysics is important both for research and practical use not only in agriculture, but also in areas like environmental science, land reclamation, food processing etc. Agrophysics is a relatively new interdisciplinary field closely related to Agrochemistry, Agrobiology, Agroclimatology and Agroecology. Nowadays it has been fully accepted as an agricultural and environmental discipline. 

Glossary of terms in soil science. Research Branch, Canada Dept. of Agriculture, 1976.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S592 .C3 1976

Multilingual vocabulary of soil science, 2nd ed. [...] / Edited by G.V. Jacks, R. Tavernier and D.H. Boalch.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S591 .J26 1960

Soil science dictionary: English, French, German, Rumanian, Russian / Gr. Obrejanu, I. Trifu, B. Slusanski, A. Boico. Bucharest: The Organizing Committee of the VIIIth International Congress of Soil Science, 1964.

Handbook of soil science / editor-in-chief, Malcolm E. Sumner
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S591 .H23 2000

Practical pedology : studying soils in the field / Stuart G. McRae
S591 .M38 1988

National soils handbook / Soil Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture
MSU GOV DOCS US DOCS, 3 W - A 56.6/2:S0 3/4

The career chronicles: An insider's guide to what jobs are really like: The good, the bad, and the ugly from over 750 professionals / Michael Gregory.
[Careers in Geoscience: Geologist; Soil Scientist]
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST - HF5382 .G733 2008 

Careers in focus. Earth Science, 2nd ed. [Ferguson's careers in focus series]


Plant Management Network Image Collections
Over 4,000 Images and Growing. Images are of crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, turfgrass, tropical fruits, graphics, trees, pests and diseases.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries


AHS encyclopedia of plants and flowers / Christopher Brickell and Trevor Cole. DK Pub., 2002.
This revised and expanded volume focuses on American plants rather than on the British plants featured in the 1989 version. The "Plant Selector" section lists plants appropriate for a wide variety of environments, from plants for clay soil to deer-resistant plants to plants for windbreaks. The "Plant Catalog" organizes 4000 plants by category (trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers, etc.), then by size, season of interest, and color. A "Plant Dictionary" lists more than 8000 plants with advice on their cultivation and propagation. Along with color photographs, which make identification easy and aid in the selection of plants for an environmentally sustainable garden, little diagrams show the height, spread, and shape of each adult plant. Warning symbols indicate toxic plants. Also included are an updated USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map (with 15 zones) and the AHS Plant Heat Zone Map. An "Index of Common Names" and a glossary round out this comprehensive guide to plant selection and identification. (B&N review)
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB403.2 .A46 2002

American Horticultural Society A-Z encyclopedia of garden plants / Christopher Brickell and H. Marc Cathey. DK Pub., 2004.
Contains more than 15,000 plants in 6,000 photographs and illustrations. Plants are arranged alphabetically by their botanical names for fast, straightforward access. All names are completely up to date, and previous names (synonyms) appear as cross-references throughout. Detailed plant profiles describe growth habit, leaf and flower anatomy, plant height and spread, geographical origin, and hardiness. A concise introduction to each genus provides essential details of botanical family, native habitat, number of species, and the ornamental qualities for which the plants are grown, together with succinct advice on cultivation, propagation, and pests and diseases. The full diversity of growth habits within a genus is shown wherever possible, and special close-up panels illustrate the range of flower colors and shapes. (B&N review)
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB403.2 .A45 2004

American Horticultural Society encyclopedia of gardening / Christopher Brickell, 2003.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB450.95 .A45 2003

Dirr's Hardy trees and shrubs: An illustrated encyclopedia / by Michael A. Dirr. 1997.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB435.5 .D556 1997

Encyclopedia of agriculture research / editors: Gary C. Reiter and Caleb J. Schuster.
Series:  Agriculture issues and policies series.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S540.A2 E53 2011  v.1 & 2 

Encyclopedia of agricultural science / edited by Charles J. Arntzen, Ellen M. Ritter, 1994.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S411 .E713 1994  v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals, 3 Volume Set. Set [electronic resource] / Plimmer, Jack R, Editor.
MSU ONLINE RESOURCE - S584.4.E53 2002  Online 

Encyclopedia of American agricultural history / Edward L. Schapsmeier, Frederick H. Schapsmeier, 1975.

Encyclopedia of fruit & nuts / edited by Jules Janick and Robert E. Paull, 2008.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB359 .E56 2008 

Encyclopedia of North American trees / Sam Benvie, 2000.

Encyclopedia of organic, sustainable, and local food [electronic resource] / edited by Leslie A. Duram, 2010.
MSU ONLINE RESOURCE - HD9005 .E645 2010 Online

Encyclopedia of water science [electronic resource], 2nd ed. / Stanley W. Trimble, B. A. Stewart, Terry A. Howell, 2008.
MSU ONLINE RESOURCE - S494.5.W3 E54 2008 Online

Encyclopedia of wood / U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin, 1999.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - TA419 .W78 2007

Illustrated encyclopedia of trees / David More, John White, 2005.
Over 1,000 trees are shown together with cultivar information and a brief history of their introduction to cultivation. Most species have growth, hardiness, wood and choice ratings for those who are interested in both horticultural and commercial forestry applications. Besides paintings of the trees' habits — both summer and winter for deciduous trees — there are detailed paintings of leaves or needles, bark, blossoms, fruit, nuts, or cones. The book explains why so many North American trees have been cultivated in Europe and how forests in the Western Hemisphere are of major importance to British and European landscapes.

Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Plant Life / editor, Bryan D. Ness, 2003.
v. 1. Acid precipitation-DNA: recombinant technology -- v. 2. DNA replication-metabolites: primary vs. secondary -- v. 3. Microbial nutrition and metabolism -- v. 4. Sustainable forestry-zygomycetes
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - QK7 .M34 2003 vols. 1-4


Dictionaries - Standard

Black's agricultural dictionary / D.B. Dalal-Clayton, 1985.
S411 .D245 1985

CRC dictionary of agricultural sciences / Robert A. Lewis, 2002. 
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S411 .L39 2002

Dictionary of agricultural and environmental science / Frederick R. Troeh, Roy L. Donahue, 2003.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S411 .T76 2003

Dictionary of agriculture [paper, electronic resource] from abaca to zoonosis / Kathryn L. Lipton, 1995.
MSU ONLINE RESOURCE - S411 .L55 2000  Online

Facts On File dictionary of botany / edited by Jill Bailey, 2003.

Hortus third : A concise dictionary of plants cultivated in the United States and Canada / initially compiled by Liberty Hyde Bailey and Ethel Zoe Bailey; revised and expanded by the staff of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium, 1976.
Written from a botanical point of view for the horticultural community, Hortus Third is a record of the astonishingly rich and diverse flora of cultivated plants of the United States, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. It is part of a longstanding program of research, initiated before the turn of the century by Liberty Hyde Bailey, that has given rise to a series of authoritative encyclopedic horticultural works, including Hortus and Hortus Second, published in 1930 and 1941 respectively. Hortus Third accounts for the botanical names of 34,305 families, genera, and species, and a large but uncounted number of subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars. Each entry with a description includes the correct botanical name with its author or authors and, as appropriate, botanical synonyms, common names, indication of nativity, and notes on use, propagation and culture, and diagnostic illustrations of representative species of most families, a glossary of botanical terms, and an index to common names.  Separate articles deal with important crops, such as blueberries; groups of plants; and methods and materials, such as pruning and soils. As with previous editions, Hortus Third will be for years to come the standard reference to the plants of North American horticulture. [Good Reads review]
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB45 .B22 1976 c.2

Stearn's dictionary of plant names for gardeners: A handbook on the origin and meaning of the botanical names of some cultivated plants / William T. Stearn, 2002.
This work, pared down from Stearn's Botanical Latin, provides the etymology of 6,000 botanical names of the plants most encountered by gardeners and horticulturalists. They are cross-referenced with about 3,000 vernacular plant names to provide a detailed guide to garden nomenclature. Plant classifications and binomial nomenclature are explained, and there are notes on the structure and pronunciation of botanical Latin. This work began as a revision of the late A. W. Smith's "A Gardener's Book of Plant Names" (1963). Originally published in 1972, it was greatly amended and expanded on 20 years before it appeared as "Stearn's Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardeners" in 1992. William T. Stearn was a botanical scholar who served as a botanist at London's Natural History Museum. His knowledge of the classical languages led to the publication of many reference works on botanical nomenclature used today.


Cyclopedia of American agriculture; a popular survey of agricultural conditions, practices and ideals in the United States and Canada; ed. by L.H. Bailey. With one hundred full-page plates and more than two thousand illustrations in the text, 1907-1909.
S493 .B2

Cyclopedia of American horticulture, comprising suggestions for cultivation of horticultural plants, descriptions of the species of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants sold in the United States and Canada, together with geographical and biographical sketches, by L.H. Bailey ... assisted by Wilhelm Miller ... and many expert cultivators and botanists. Illustrated with over two thousand original engravings, 1900-1902. 
SB45 .B15 v.1-4

Cyclopedia of American horticulture, [electronic resource] comprising suggestions for cultivation of horticultural plants, descriptions of the species of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants sold in the United States and Canada, together with geographical and biographical sketches [2nd ed.], by L.H. Bailey ... assisted by Wilhelm Miller ... and many expert cultivators and botanists. Illustrated with over two thousand original engravings, 1904.

Dictionaries -Translation / Polyglot

Dictionary of agriculture: In six languages, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian: Systematical and alphabetical / by Günther Haensch and Gisela Haberkamp de Anton, 1986. 
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - S411 .H2613 1986

Elsevier's dictionary of horticultural and agricultural plant production: In ten languages, English, Dutch, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin / compiled under the auspices of the International Society for Horticultural Science, Wageningen, The Netherlands with the cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Management, and Fisheries, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1990. 
In this edition English was chosen as the basic language and Portuguese has been added with Latin for the scientific names of organisms. Apart from the traditional subjects like vegetables, fruits, arboriculture, floriculture, mushrooms, crop science, plant breeding, botany and soil science, it now also includes tropical and subtropical horticulture, herbs and spices, landscaping, arable farming and grasses. More attention has been paid to market planning, economics, education, and extension and labour management. A number of terms relating to apiculture, meteorology and informatics have been introduced. Technology has been given more prominence, but so many new terms have been coined in this field that a selection had to be made. Regarding plant diseases, only general terms are mentioned; specific pests and diseases are not listed in view of the existence of specialized dictionaries. The same goes for weeds. A list of international organizations is included, with translations in English and French. (review from Elsivier)
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB317.58 .E46 1990

English-Russian agricultural dictionary and phrase book / Olga Ermakova, Olga Simonova, John H. Helmuth, 1995.
S411 .E75 1995

French-English agricultural dictionary with English-French index / by D.O'D. Bourke, 1992.
S411 .B667 1992

Multilingual glossary of common plant-names, 2nd ed. / International Seed Testing Association, 1982.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - QK9 .T57 1982  v.1: Field Crops, Grasses and Vegetables

Thomson's Spanish-English English-Spanish illustrated agricultural dictionary / by Robert P. Rice Jr., 1993.
S411 .R48 1993

Trilingual agricultural dictionary : English, Xhosa, Afrikaans / edited by R.J. Nowers, B. Mahlanza and L. Mfazwe.
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - S411 .T75 2000

Reference Works - General Plant Science, Horticulture, Lanscape Architecture

CAB Reviews
CAB Reviews provides over 3,000 full-text review articles published since 1972 in the area of agricultural biotechnology, animal production, animal breeding, biological control, crop production, forestry, grasslands, human and animal nutrition, post-harvest, soils, and veterinary science.

Flora of North America: North of Mexico / edited by Flora of North America Editorial Committee.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - QK110 .F55 1993 (all vols. currently printed)

Gardener's A-Z guide to growing organic food / Tanya L.K. Denckla ; woodcuts by Stephen Alcorn, 2003.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB324.3 .D47 2003 

International poisonous plants checklist: An evidence-based reference / D. Jesse Wagstaff, 2008.

Michigan flora; a guide to the identification and occurrence of the native and naturalized seed-plants of the State. Bulletin (Cranbrook Institute of Science) ; nos. 55, 59 and 61 / Edward G. Voss, 1972-1996.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - QK167 .V6 pt.1-3

Michigan trees: A guide to the trees of the Great Lakes Region / Burton V. Barnes and Warren H. Wagner, Jr., 2004.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - QK167 .B27 2004 c.2

Michigan wildflowers. Bulletin (Cranbrook Institute of Science) ; no. 42 / Helen V. Smith. Illus. by Ruth Powell Brede, 1966.

Landscape architectural graphic standards / Leonard J. Hopper, editor-in-chief ; Smith Maran Architects, graphics. John Wiley & Sons, c2007.

Recommended urban trees [electronic resource] : site assessment and tree selection for stress tolerance / Nina L. Bassuk ... [et al.], 1993.
MSU ONLINE RESOURCE - SB436 .B373 1993 Online 

Sitespec handbook version II : the designers manual of site specifications and details ; typical format specifications with details, 1991.
MSU REFERENCE, 1 CENTER - SB476.5 .S52 1991

Web Links

Career Books

Career opportunities in agriculture, food, and natural resources / Susan Echaore-McDavid and Richard A. McDavid.
Series: Facts on File's career opportunities series.
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST      S494.5.A4 E24 2011

Career opportunities in conservation and the environment / Paul R. Greenland and AnnaMarie L. Sheldon.
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST - S945 .G74 2008

Careers for nature lovers & other outdoor types / Louise Miller
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST - S945 .M55 2008

Careers for plant lovers & other green thumb types / Blythe Camenson 

Careers in focus [electronic resource] : Landscaping and Horticulture. Ferguson, c2008
MSU ONLINE RESOURCE - SB51 .C3744 2008 Online

Careers in horticulture and botany, 2nd ed. / Jerry Garner. McGraw-Hill, c2007.
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST - QK50.5 .G37 2007    
Online edition, 1st. ed., 1997.

Green careers: Choosing work for a sustainable future / Jim Cassio & Alice Rush.

Grounds management forms & job descriptions guide, 5th ed. Professional Grounds Management Society, 1998.
MSU TURFGRASS, 3 WEST - SB472.565 .P76 1998 - LIB USE ONLY 

Job Corps [electronic resource] / U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, [2010]
"This curriculum was developed following the North American Association for Environmental Education guidelines for excellence in environmental education"
Mod. 1/ Climate change.
Mod. 2/ Sustainable living : making a world of difference with simple actions.
Mod. 3/ Green jobs : integrating career technical training into the green economy.

Now hiring! outdoor jobs: The insider's guide to gaining seasonal and year-round employment in America's national parks and forests / Jennifer DuBois and Steve Gutmann.

Opportunities in environmental careers / Odom Fanning ; foreword by Mark Van Putten

Opportunities in horticulture careers / Jan Goldberg ; foreword by Susan H. Lathrop

Opportunities in landscape architecture, botanical gardens, and arboreta [electronic resource] / Blythe Camenson.
SB469.384 .C35 1999eb  Online 

Rewarding careers in the nursery industry / by William Flemer III. American Nurseryman Pub. Co., c1990
MSU MAIN LIBRARY - SB50 .F53 1990 

Saving the earth as a career : advice on becoming a conservation professional / Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr., David B. Lindenmayer, and Aram J.K. Calhoun.
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST - S945 .H86 2007

So you want to be a garden designer: How to get started, grow, and thrive in the landscape design business / Love Albrecht Howard. Timber Press, 2010.
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST - SB472.45 .H69 2010

So you want to start a nursery / Tony Avent.
MSU CAREER COLL 1 EAST - SB118.5 .A83 2003

Your career in Biotechnology Regulatory Services [electronic resource] : safeguarding U.S. agriculture.
Series     Program aid (United States. Dept. of Agriculture) ; no. 2009.

Your career safeguarding America [electronic resource] : Plant Protection and Quarantine / U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, 2009.
Program aid (United States. Dept. of Agriculture) ; no. 1852.

Scholarships, Funding, and Grants

How to pay for your degree in agriculture & related fields / Schlachter, Gail A. and Weber, R. David.
MSU FUNDING CENTER, 1 EAST - LB2337.2 .H695 (multiple editions available)

A guide to grants, fellowships, and scholarships in international forestry and natural resources / by Damon A. Job.

Michigan State University