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HST 486 Sec 002: Gender, Revolution and the CIA In Latin America: Contemporary Records

Professor Edward Murphy, Fall 2017

Contemporary Records

New York Times, 1851-2013

Readers' Guide Full Text Mega

An index to the content of popular magazines from 1890 to the present, with selected full-text since 1994.

 Historical Newspapers (Proquest)

This searchable database accesses the full text of the following historical newspapers: NEW YORK TIMES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, WASHINGTON POST, LOS ANGELES TIMES, and THE DETROIT NEWS back to their first issues. Also includes historical black newspapers: CHICAGO DEFENDER, NEW AMSTERDAM NEWS, ATLANTA DAILY WORLD, LOS ANGELES SENTINAL, and the PITTSBURGH COURIER.


Ask Mary Jo Zeter
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Bibliographer

What constitutes "common knowledge" and when must I cite a source?

Scroll down to Terms You Need to Know (or What is Common Knowledge?) courtesy of Indiana University's Writing Tutorial Services.

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