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HST 486, Sec 001: Honor, Gender, Race and Nation in Latin American History: Digital Primary Source Collections

Professor Peter Beattie, Fall 2017

Selected Primary Source Collections

Empire Online

Images of original documents linked to essays by leading scholars. The sections cover Cultural Contacts, (1492-1969); Empire Writing and the Literature of Empire; the Visible Empire; Religion and Empire; and Race, Class, and Colonialism (c1783-1969). Maps, manuscripts, pamphlets, paintings, drawings, and rare books are included.

Sabin Americana, 1500-1926

Works about the Americas published throughout the world. Included are books, pamphlets, serials and other documents that provide original accounts of exploration, trade, colonialism, slavery and abolition, the western movement, Native Americans, military actions and much more.

World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean

The historical collections available through World Scholar provide original manuscripts, signed letters, expedition records, reports, maps, diaries, descriptions of voyages, ephemera, and more.

Digital Library of the Caribbean

Includes newspapers, photographs, archives of Caribbean leaders and governments, official historical documents, and historic and contemporary maps.

Slavery and Slave Trade

Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record

British Records on the Atlantic World, 1700-1900

Includes archival materials such as journals, correspondence, official records, and personal papers over a two hundred year period, all related to British involvement in the Atlantic region, including Africa and the Americas. Brings together collections about Britain's colonial, commercial, and missionary relationships with Africa and the Americas.

Ecclesiastical Sources in Slave Societies Project (Vanderbilt University)

Presents materials from church and parish archives in Brazil, Colombia, Cuba and Spanish Florida.

Slavery, Abolition & Social Justice, 1490-2007

Documents key aspects of the history of slavery worldwide over six centuries. Topics covered include the African Coast, the Middle Passage, the varieties of slave experience, religion, revolts, abolition, and legislation. The collection also includes case studies from America, the Caribbean, Brazil, and Cuba.

Slavery & Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive

Contents: Pt. 1. Debates over slavery and abolition. pt. 2. Slave Trade in the Atlantic World.  (Searches may be limited to one part.)

Slavery and Anti-Slavery includes documents from the United States and Europe, as well as other parts of the world. In addition to newspaper collections and books published in the antebellum era, Slavery and Anti-Slavery contains documents from several archives originally available only on microfilm.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

A comprehensive, searchable database of information including ships, captains, number of crew and slaves, place where slaves were taken and landed, where they were sold, and if anything unusual happened during the voyage.

U.S. Government Documents

Digital National Security Archive

The most comprehensive collection of U.S. government primary documents available, this subscription resource offers access to government records on a wide range of topics pertaining to the national security, foreign, intelligence, and economic policies of the United States. There are dozens of "complete collections," including several about the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. and Nicaragua, and the U.S. and Guatemala. For documents on U.S. policy towards Chile, see "Chile and the United States: U.S. Policy toward Democracy, Dictatorship, and Human Rights, 1970–1990" and the Kissinger telephone and transcript collections, or try the "Documents search" option. Materials are obtained by The National Security Archive, an independent non-governmental research institute. Read more about the archive here.

The National Security Archive

A small sample of the documents in the National Security Archives' collections are presented on this freely accessible Web site, following essays called "Electronic Briefing Books." From the home page click on Documents, then choose Latin America from the Subject Areas list.

For example, Electronic Briefing Book no. 416, March 2013: OPERATION CONDOR ON TRIAL is a  "...posting of documents and evidence provided by the Archive to Argentine prosecutors..."


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