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Michigan State University

African Studies at the MSU Libraries: Secondary Sources

Getting started with African studies resources at MSU.

Secondary Source Databases

While not comprehensive, these databases are a good place to get started with an African-based project. 

New to MSUL!

MSU Libraries' Search Tool

Tips for Catalog Searching

MSU Libraries Catalog

To search for books in the MSU Libraries on a topic, you will need to use the catalog, which has materials owned and located in the MSU Libraries - including books - and also journal titles, government documents, microforms, videos/DVDs/CDs, etc.

What's in the catalog?

  • Everything in the library except for articles.
  • Names of journals, magazines, and newspapers with info about our subscriptions, plus links.

What's not in the catalog?

  • Indexed articles - many African published journals are not in commercial databases like JSTOR, but the articles are also not in the catalog.