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ISS 335: Gender, Sex, and Science: Finding Articles

Database Search Tips

1. Put phrases in quotation marks

Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase in a database. These tell the database to search for sources containing the entire phrase, rather than just the individual words. For example:

 Search: "women in engineering"

returns results with this exact phrase


2. Use "and" to make your search more specific

Combine search terms using "and" to find sources that contain both of those terms, not just one or the other. For example:

Search: women AND mathematics

returns results that contain both "women" and "mathematics"

3. Use "or" to make your search broader 

Search for several similar terms using "or" to increase the number of results you find. For example:

Search: women AND (science OR technology)

Selected Article Databases

Getting Full Text Articles

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