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Michigan State University

LB 492: Scientific Virtue (Pennock): Finding Journals

Finding Relevant Journals

This is a similar procedure to finding a relevant database. 

  1. Go to the MSU Libraries' Electronic Journals page.
  2. Look for the heading that says "Browse Electronic Journals by Subject." Click the dropdown menu below which says "Please select a Subject Category."
  3. Select the topic you're interested in, and click the Search button. 
  4. Wait a minute for the search to complete. You'll know it's complete when you see a heading that says "Select a sub-category to view results." 
  5. Pick a sub-category that seems relevant. Then browse through the list of journals to find a title that seems related to your interests.
  6. The links below the journal title will be to the different databases that MSU subscribes to that hold parts of that journal. To find the latest issue, you're looking for one that says "-present." (There might be more than one link like this). Click that link.
  7. You'll be taken to a journal or database homepage. Sometimes the journal will have its most recent issue on the front page, so you can just click to see the table of contents. Otherwise, look on the right side of the screen--you  should see a list of years. Click on the most recent year, and you'll see a list of that year's issues.
  8. Click one of the issues to see the table of contents. 
Michigan State University