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Stable Links for Electronic Resources

How to create stable links for online journals, e-books, and streaming media

Creating Stable Links to E-Books

To create a stable link to a chapter or section of the e-book, click on the Title of that chapter/section. Then click on the PDF link. You'll need to change this URL to create a stable link:

For example:

  • The URL for the PDF of the chapter is .
  • Change the - to . in the base URL (
  • Remove the string from the URL
  • Add the EZProxy string to the front of this revised URL:

Your stable link for this chapter of the e-book should be:

If you need a stable link to the full e-book, it is best to use the Permanent Record Link from the library's online catalog as your stable link. This will provide access to the e-book and users will have to navigate to specific content within the e-book on their own. 

Create Stable Links for E-Books Used in Course Reserves

If an e-book has been assigned to Course Reserves by an instructor, it is best to use the Permanent Record Link in the online catalog for that specific e-book. 

To find the permanent record link for an e-book used in a course:

  • Depending on what information you have, search either for the course: or for the title of the e-book: . 
  • If searching by course, click on the title of the e-book listed on the course reserve list. 
  • When you are on the catalog page for the e-book, scroll down to find the Permanent Record Link at the bottom of the page. It will contain the string: Use this as your stable link. It will provide access to the e-book, but users will still need to navigate to the specific content.

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