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School Gardening in the early 1900s through today: Michigan Resources

Primary source materials and information about gardening within K-12 schools in the early 20th century through today. Now a part of the AgNIC network!

School gardens in Michigan

Michigan Schools that have or had school gardens

Atwood Elementary Gator Gardens [pdf], Atwood Elementary School, Macomb, Michigan
Referring link: Garden ABCs

Growing Hope, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Macomb County School Garden Initiative's Site
We are a group of teachers, administrator's, parents and volunteers who are interested in youth gardening in and around Macomb County, Michigan.

Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy School Garden
The Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy Garden Program consists of a 27 x 27-foot garden at the school, which serves students in grades K-8.  The garden is incorporated into the curriculum and teaches students how to grow food for themselves, how to prepare healthy foods, and the importance of healthy food choices.

Resources for teachers

School Garden Nutrition Education Toolkit: MyGarden Nutrition Education Curriculum. Michigan Department of Eduction
The K-12 MyGarden lesson plans were written by teachers and reviewed by horticulturists and nutritionists. It contains K-12 lessons that are written with content expectations, nutrition education, Dietary Guidelines and USDA Core Messages integrated into math, science, social studies and English Language Arts. The MyGarden Toolkit has 60 lessons tied to school gardens. As food service professionals, it is important for you to be involved in the nutrition education program at your school. A school garden can be a link to nutrition education and produce grown in the garden can be utilized in recipes for nutrition education and teach students how consumption of produce from the school garden can lead to healthier students.

School Meals Resource - Links the School Garden to the School Meals program.  Michigan Department of Eduction
The MyGarden School Meals Resource is designed to teach school nutrition professionals how to link their school meal program with the school garden. The Module was developed using existing resources. Each resource is cited to allow the reader to explore the subject matter further. It contains four sections, whereas Section One provides information on how to start a school garden. It also gives guidance as to where fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be grown. It also has an extensive listing of annual and perennial herbs, detailing what foods and recipes they complement. [87 page pdf]

Michigan Farm to School
"Farm to school" applies to a variety of initiatives in Michigan, including efforts to offer local foods in school cafeterias, school garden programs, fundraisers that take advantage of local products, farmer visits to school classrooms and cafeterias, and field trips to nearby farms. Michigan Farm to School is a portal for information and a venue for sharing ideas, tools, and resources to support these and other efforts to link schools with local agriculture in Michigan.

Youth Gardening Coalition
Connects Youth Gardens in the Greater Lansing Area.

Northwest Initiative - Creating Healthy Communities in Northwest Lansing: School Garden-Based Nutrition Education
Discusses lesson plans and the curriculum guide Growing Minds: The School Garden-Based Nutrition Education Curriculum Based on the Michigan Department of Education Grade Level Content Expectations. Links to area schools participating in the program.