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Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS)

Handbook of Latin American Studies

The Handbook is a selective, annotated subject bibliography of scholarly works on Latin America. Works reviewed include books, journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers. The print edition of the Handbook has been issued annually since 1935, with volumes alternating between coverage in the social sciences and humanities. It is on the Web as HLAS Web and HLAS Online.


Coverage from the 1970s to the present. Offers a guided search feature and the ability to limit and sort search results by date or author, as well as citing, saving, and emailing of search results.The essays in vols. 50 (1990) - 65 (2010) are available online only as hard-coded links from the TOC pages; see below.

Links to Handbook Essays, 1990-2010

The Handbook essays are chapter introductions that provide a "state of the research" overview for a particular field. The essays for vols. 50 (1990)- 65 (2010) are linked from the individual volume's Tables of Contents pages. The essays for vols. 66-74 (2011-2020) are only available in the print volumes.

HLAS Online

Coverage from vol. 1 (1935) to the present. The introductory essays for volumes 1-49 of the Handbook are also searchable in HLAS Online. To search only the essays, use the "Annotation and HLAS Chapter Introduction" field in the Expert Search form.

Handbook of Latin American Studies.
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The print volumes are particularly useful for browsing the subject essays in the latest volumes.

NEW! Guide to Using HLAS

This guide, new in 2021, includes a chart comparing the two HLAS sites, HLAS Web and HLAS Online, in the Help & FAQs section.

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