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Statistics Resources for the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Belgium: Belgium

Find here web and print statistics resources on the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), Ireland, France, and Belgium Last updated 05-22-2023


Statistics Belgium

This is the web site for the main official statistical institution of Belgium. It offers statistics in Dutch, French, German, and English (less full). Statistics are available for regions and provinces of Belgium. Statistics are available thematically: general; environment and physical/human geography; population, demography; society, employment/unemployment, education, culture, law, justice, health, mobility; economy; agriculture;industry, energy, construction; commerce, transportation, tourism, media. There are also links to international statistics' web sites. For older statistics see Statistisch Tijdschrift in Remote Storage HA 1391. B5 and other sources in the Older, Paper Sources section.