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British Victorian Period Research: Book Length Bibliographies

This is a guide to doing research on topics about 19th-century Britain and Ireland, meant to be be useful to students in English literature and in history. Last updated 06-01-2023

Book Length Bibliographies

The books to be found below, while mostly older, provide references to other books and articles to read in a number of much studied aspects of Victorian studies. They are particularly useful for those specialized topics when it is difficult to find material in the online catalog and periodical indexes or when the researcher requires comprehensive reviews of the literature on his/her topic. No online resources are mentioned. To find the best online indexes in the various sciences look in the electronic resources pages, indexes, under the name of the science. Be sure to check Books and Media online catalog for the Library locations, as some titles may have been put into Remote Storage.


MSU Libraries has many more British history bibliographes in the Z 2000s, in the Main stacks.

Brown, Lucy M. and Christie, Ian R. Bibliography of British History 1789-1851. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1977. Z 2016 .B76 Main

Hanham, H.J. Bibliography of British History 1851-1914. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1976. Z 2019 .H35 Main

Martin, G.H. and McIntyre, Sylvia. Bibliography of British and Irish Municipal History, Volume I, General Works. Leicester, Leicester University Press, 1972. Z 2023 .M26 v. 1 Main

Mullins, E.L.C. Texts and Calendars, an Analytical Guide to Serial Publications. London, Offices of the Royal Historical Society, 1958. Z 2016 .M8 Main (indexes county level record and historical organizations' publications)

Mullins, E.L.C. Texts and Calendars II, an Analytical Guide to Serial Publications 1957-1982. London, Office of the Royal Historical Society, 1983. Z 2016 .M8 1983 Main (indexes county level record and historical organizations' publications)

Writings on British History. London, University of London, Institute of Historical Research, 1901-1973. Z 2016 .R88 Main (now online as the Bibliography of British and Irish History).


The Women of England from Anglo-Saxon Times to the Present, Interpretive Bibliographical Essays. Edited by Barbara Kanner. Hamden, Conn., Archon Books, 1979. HQ 1599 .E5 W65 Main

Kanner, Barbara. Women in English Social History, 1800-1914 , a Guide to Research. NY, Garland, 1990. HQ 1593 .K35 1987 v. 1-3 Main

Women in Western European History, a Select, Chronological, Geographical and Topical Bibliography from Antiquity to the French Revolution. Ed. by Linda Frey, et. al. Brighton, Sussex, Harvester, c1982. HQ 1587 .F7 1982b v. 1 c.2 Main

Women in Western European History, a Select, Chronological, Geographical, and Topical Bibliography, the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Ed. by Linda Frey, et. al. Westport, Conn., Greenwood, 1984. HQ 1587 .F7 1984 Main

Women in Western European History, a Select, Chronological, Geographical and Topical Bibliography, First Supplement. NY, Greenwood, c1986. HQ 1587 .F7 1986 Supp. Main

Welsh Women, an Annotated Bibliography of Women in Wales and Women of Welsh Descent in America.  Metuchen, N.J., 1993. DA 710 .H6 1993 Main


Administering Empire: an Annotated Checklist of Personal Memoirs and Related Studies, compiled by Terry Barringer. London, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, c2004. DA 16 .A36 2004 Main

Batts, John Stuart. British Manuscript Diaries of the Nineteenth Century: an Annotated Listing. Totowa, NJ, Rowman and Littlefield, 1976. Z 6611 .B6 B38 1976 Main

Cline, Cheryl. Women's Diaries, Journals, and Letters, an Annotated Bibliography. NY, Garland, 1989. CT 3230 .C55 1989 Main

Handley, C.S. An Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English. Aldeburgh, Hanover Press, 1997. PN 4390 .H3 v. 1-4 Main oversize

Havlice, Patricia Pate. And So to Bed, a Bibliography of Diaries Published in English. Metuchen, NJ, Scarecrow Press, 1987. CT 25 .H38 1987 Main

Kanner, Barbara. Women in Context, Two Hundred Years of British Women Autobiographers, a Reference Guide and Reader. NY, G.K. Hall, 1997. HQ1593.A3 K35 1997 Main

Matthews, William. British Diaries, an Annotated Bibliography of British Diaires Written Between 1442 and 1942. Berkeley, U. of Cal. Press, 1950. Z 2014 .D5 M3 Main

Ponsonby, Arthur. More English Diaires... London, Methuen, [1927]. PR 308 .P62 Main

Ponsonby, Arthur. Scottish and Irish Diaires from the 16th to the 19th century.... London, Methuen, [1927]. PR 908 .P7 Remote Storage B

Women's Diaries, a Miscellany. Ed. by Jane DuPree Begos. Weston, CT., Magic Circle, 1989. CT 3230 .W65 1989 Main

Women's Language and Experience, 1500-1940, Women's Diaries and Related Sources, a Listing and Guide to Parts 1-3 of the Microfilm Collection. Marlborough, Adam Matthew , 1996. HQ 1593 .W67 1996 pts. 1-3 Main (a guide to a microfilm set that M.S.U. does not own, but reels could be borrowed on interlibrary loan.)


McGrew, Roderick E. Encyclopedia of Medical History. NY, McGraw- Hill Book Col., c1985. R 133 .M34 1985 Main

Erlen, Jonathon. The History of the Health Care Sciences and Health Care, 1700-1980. NY, Garland, 1984. R 148 .E74 1984 Main

Morton's Medical Bibliography, an Annotated Check-list of Texts Illustrating the History of Medicine. Ed. by Jeremy M. Norman. Aldershot, Hants., Scolar Press, c1991. R 131 .M67 1991 Main

Thornton's Medical Books, Libraries and Collectors, a Study of Bibliography and the Book Trade in Relation to the Medical Sciences. Ed. by Alain Besson. Aldershot, Hants., Gower Pub. Co., c1990. Z 286 .M4 T47 1990 Main

Morton, Leslie T. and Moore, Robert J. A Bibliography of Medical and Biomedical Biography. Aldershot, Hants., Scolar Press, c1994. R 134 .M67 1994 Main

U.S. National Institutes of Health. National Library of Medicine. Bibliography of the History of Medicine. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1965-93. Z 6658 .U525 Main

Current Work in the History of Medicine, an International Bibliography. London, Wellcome Historical Medical Library, 1954-91. R 131 .A1 C8 Main

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum. A Catalogue of Printed Books in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library. London, the Library, 1962-76. Z 6676 .W4 Main Oversize


The Encyclopedia of the British Press, 1422-1992. Edited by Dennis. Griffiths. NY, St. Martin's Press, c1992. PN 5114 .E53 1992 Main

Victorian Periodicals: Aids to Research A Selected Bibliography

Victorian Periodicals, a Guide to Research. Ed. by J. Don Vann and Rosemary T. Van Arsdel. NY, LA, 1978 and 1989. PN 5124 .P4 V5 v. 1-2 Main Perhaps is the previous edition to the title just above.

Madden, Lionel and Dixon, Diana. The Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press in Britain, a Bibliography of Modern Studies, 1901-1971. NY, Garland, 1976. Z 6956 .G6 M3 Main

Palmegiano, E. M. The British Empire in the Victorian Press, 1832- 1867. NY, Garland, 1987. DA 16 .P3 1987 Main Covers colonial history as published in the periodicals of the period. Contains 3000 entries from some 50 London-based magazines. Tables of contents format.

White, Cynthia. Women's Magazines, 1693-1968. London, Michael Joseph, 1970. PN 5124 .W6 W5 Main

Literary Reviews in British Periodicals.  Main Z 2013 .W36 v. 1-2; Z 2013 .W36 1977; Z 2013 .W36 1979

A bibliography/index to literary reviews in periodicals covering 1789-1826.

British Literary Magazines. Ed. by Alvin Sullivan. Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1983-86. PN 5124 .L6 B74 v. 2-3 Main

Biscotti, M.L. British Sporting Periodicals, an Annotated Bibliography  Main GV 605 .B58 2019


Bridson, Gavin D.R. Plant, Animal, and Anatomical Illustration in Art and Science, a Bibliographical Guide from the 16th Century to the Present Day. QH 46.5 f.B74 1990 Fine Arts-- Art Ref.

Guide to the History of Science. Q 125 .I8 Main

Sarton, George. A Guide to the History of Science... Q 125 .S24 Main

Bynum, W.F. Dictionary of the History of Science. Q 125 .B98 Main

Sarton, George. Introduction to the History of Science. Q 125 .S32 v.1-3 Main

Bunch, Bryan H. The Timetables of Technology, a Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Technology. T 15 .B73 1993 Main

Hellemans, Alexander. The Timetables of Science, a Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Science. Q 125 .H557 1988 Main

Mount, Ellis. Milestones in Science and Technology, the Ready Reference Guide to Discoveries, Inventions, and Facts. Q 199 .M68 1994 Main

Parkinson, Claire L. Breakthroughs, a Chronology of Great Achievements in Science and Mathematics, 1200-1930. Q 125 .P327 1985 Main

Companion to the History of Modern Science. Q 125 .C565 1990 Main

Ferguson, Eugene S. Bibliography of the History of Technology. Z 7914 .H5 F4 Main

Isis Cumulative Bibliography. Z 7405 .H6 I28 v.1-6 Supps Main and Oversize

A List of Books on the History of Science, Jan., 1911 [in the John Crerar Library]. Z 7405 .H6 J7 and Supp. 2. Main

Royal Society of Great Britain. Their Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900 and Subject Index Z 7403 .R88 v. 1-19 Main Oversize and .R881 v.1-3 Main

"Critical Bibliography of the History of Science and its Cultural Influences." in Isis, v. 46- June, 1955- Q 1 .I7 Main

"Current Bibliography in the History of Technology." in annual issues of Technology and Culture. CB 478 .T4 Main

Bridson, Gavin D. R. Natural History Manuscript Sources in the BritishIsles. QH 45.2 .B7 1980 Main Oversize

Manuscript Papers of British Scientists, 1600-1940. Z 6611 .S4 G74 1982 Main

Reader's Guide to the History of Science.  Ed. by Arne Hessenbruch.  Main Q 125 .R335 2000


Information Sources in the Life Sciences. QH 303.6 .I54 1997 Main

Smit, Peter. History of the Life Sciences, an Annotated Bibliography. Z 5320 .S55 Main

Overmier, Judith A. The History of Biology, a Selected, Annotated Bibliography. QH 305 .O9 1989 Main


Davis, Elisabeth B. Guide to Information Sources in the Botanical Sciences. QK 45.2 .D38 1996 Main

Jackson, Benjamin. Guide to the Literature of Botany, Being a Classified Selection of Botanical Works, Including Nearly 6000 Titles not Given in Pritzel's "Thesaurus." Z 5351 .J12 Main; Murray and Hong Special Collections

Catalogue of the Works of Linnaeus (and Publications More Immediately Relating Thereto) Preserved in the Libraries of the British Museum (Bloomsbury) and the British Museum (Natural History) (South Kensington). Z 8508 .B86 1933 Oversize

Plant Science Catalog, Botany Subject Index. of the National Ag. Library in the US Z 5351 f.U5 v. 1-15 Main

Linnean Society of London. Their Journal QH 1 .C591 v. 1- 1855- Main; Their Proceedings QH 1 .L59 v. 1- 1838- Main; Their Transactions QH 1 .L5928 v. 1-30, 1791-1875 in Murray and Hong Special Collections, more recent vols in Main.


Glossary of Geology. QE 5 .G37 DMC Digital and Multimedia Center 4 West on CD

Information Sources in the Earth Sciences. Z 6031 .W67 1989 Main

Ward, Dederick C. Geologic Reference Sources.... Z 6031 .W35 1981 Main

Porter, Roy. The Earth Sciences, an Annotated Bibliography. Z 6031 .P67 1983 Main


Oxford Dictionary of Natural History. QH 13 .O9 1985 Main

Freeman, Richard Broke. British Natural History Books, 1495-1900, a Handlist. Z 7401 .F74 Murray and Hong Special Collections

Munz, Lucile Thompson. Index to Illustrations of Living Things Outside North America, Where to Find Pictures of Flora and Fauna. QL 46 .M8 Main Oversize

Gibson, J.A. Society for the Bibliography of Natural History (1936 to 1983), Society for the History of Natural History (1983- 1990): Index to Publications, 1936-1990. QH 15 .S6 G5 1991 Main

Catalogue of the Printed Books and Pamphlets in the Library of the Linnean Society of London. Z 7409 .L847 Main

Catalogue of the Books, Manuscripts, Maps, and Drawings in the British Museum (Natural History) and Supp. Z 7409 .B85 v. 1- 5 Main Oversize and supp. v. 6-8 Main.


Biscotti, M.L. Six Centuries of Foxhunting, an Annotated Bibliography  Main SK 285 .B57 2017


Paul Barrett was an M.S.U. professor who published an edition of Charles Darwin's works, his notebooks, and a concordance to his works. Professor Barrett had a small collection of books which he donated to M.S.U. Libraries' Murray and Hong Special Collections. They are useful for studying Darwin and issues related to evolution.

Boase, Henry S. Treatise on Primary Geology, Being an Examination, Both Practical and Theoretical, of the Older Formations. London, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman, 1834. MHSPC QE 26 .B66

Buckland, William. Geology and Minerology Considered with Reference to Natural Theology. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea, and Blanchard, 1837. Vol. 1 of 2 only. MHSPC BL 175 .B8214 1837 v. 1

Buckland, William. La Geologie et la Mineralogie, Dans Leur Rappports avec la Theologie Naturele. Paris, Crochard, 1838. MHSPC BL 175 .B8214 1838 t. 1-2

Conybeare, W. D. Outlines of the Geology of England and Wales, with an Introductory Compendium of the General Principles of that Science, and Comparative Views of the Structure of Foreign Countries, Part I. London, W. Phillips, 1822. MHSPC QE 262 .A1 C65 1822

Darwin, Charles. Collected Papers of Charles Darwin. Edited by Paul H. Barrett. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1977. Main and MHSPC QH 365 .A1 1977 v. 1-2

Darwin, Charles. The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex. London, J. Murray, 1871. MHSPC QH 365 .D2 1871 v. 1-2

Darwin, Charles. Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species. London, John Murray, 1877. MHSPC Rare Books xx QK 926 .D22 1877

Darwin, Charles. The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. London, J. Murray, 1872. MHSPC QP 401 .D24 1872 We have also MHSPC QP 401 .D24 1897 and MHSPC QP 401 .D24 1898 both published in New York by D. Appleton.

Darwin, Charles. Formation of Vegetable Mold, Through the Action of Worms, with Observations on Their Habits. London, John Murray, 1881. MHSPC QL 394 .D3 1881

Darwin, Charles. Foundations of the Origin of Species, a Sketch Written in 1842. Cambridge, The University Press, 1909. MHSPC QH 365 .D14 1909

Darwin, Charles. Foundations of the Origin of Species; Two Essays Written in 1842 and 1844. Cambridge, The University Press, 1909. Main QH 365 .O15 1909

Darwin, Charles. Geological Observations on Volcanic Islands and Parts of South America Visited During the Voyage of the H.M.S. "Beagle." NY, D. Appleton, 1896. Main and MHSPC QE 3 .D23 1896 We also have Main QE 3 .D23 1897.

Darwin, Charles. Insectivorous Plants. London, Murray, 1908. MHSPC Rare Books QK 917 .D3 1908 NY, D. Appleton and Co., 1875 edition at Main QK 917 .D3

Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited by H.M.S. Beagle under the Command of Captain FitzRoy, R.N., from 1832-1836. London, H. Colburn, 1839. MHSPC Q 11 .D2 1839

Darwin, Charles. The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Including an Autobiographical Chapter. NY, Appleton, 1898. MHSPC QH 31 .D2 A2 1898 v. 1-2

Darwin, Charles. A Monograph of the Sub-Class Cirripedia, with Figures of All the Species. London, the Ray Society, 1851. Main QL 444 .C5 D3 1964 This is a reprint of the 1851-54 edition.

Darwin, Charles. Monograph on the Fossil Lepadidae, or Pedunculated Cirripedes of Great Britain. London, Printed for the Palaeontographical Society, 1851, 1854. MHSPC QL 444 .C5 D299 1851
Bound with this is Monograph on the Fossil Balanidae and Verrrucidae of Great Britain, 1854.

Darwin, Charles. The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants. NY, D. Appleton and Co., 1876. MHSPC QK 773 .D22 1876

Darwin, Charles. On the Various Contrivances by which British and Foreign Orchids are Fertilized by Insects, and on the Good Effects of Intercrossing. London, Murray, 1862. MHSPC QK 926 .D24

Darwin, Charles. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. NY, Appleton, various editions.
Main QH 365 .O2 1872, 1892, 1896
Which edition and copy in the MSU Libraries belonged to Paul Barrett?

Darwin, Charles. Power of Movement in Plants. NY, Appleton, 1898. MHSPC QK 771 .D22 1898

Darwin, Charles. Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. NY, Appleton, 1898. MHSPC QE 565 .D2 1898

Darwin, Charles. Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication. NY, Judd, [1868]. Main QH 365 .V2 1868a

Darwin, Charles. The Various Contrivances by Which Orchids are Fertilized by Insects. London, J. Murray, 1888. MHSPC QK 926 .D24 1888

Darwin, Charles. What Mr. Darwin Saw in His Voyage Round the World in the Ship "Beagle." Harper and Bros., 1879. MHSPC QH 11 .D236 1879

Darwin, Charles. Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle Under the Command of Captain FitzRoy, R.N., During the Years 1832-1836. London, Smith, Elder and Co., 1839-1843.
MHSPC folio QL 5 .B3 pt. 1
In 5 volumes, but MSU Libraries has only pt. 1

Darwin, Erasmus. Phytologia, or the Philosophy of Agriculture and Gardening, with the Theory of Draining Morasses and with an Improved Construction of the Drill Plough. London, P. Byrne, 1800.
MHSPC Rare Books xx QK 45 .D22 1800

Darwin, Erasmus. Zoonomia, or, the Laws of Organic Life. London, Printed for J. Johnson, 1794-1796.
MHSPC QP 29 .D22 1794

Darwin, Francis, ed. Charles Darwin, His Life Told in an Autobiographical Chapter, and in a Selected Series of His Published Letters. London, J. Murray, 1902.
MHSPC Rare Books xx QH 31 .D2 A21 1902

Darwin, Francis, ed. The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Including an Autobiographical Chapter. London, J.Murray, 1887.
MHSPC QH 31 .D2 A2 1887 v. 1-3

Darwin, Charles. More Letters of Charles Darwin, a Record of His Work in a Series of Hitherto Unpublished Letters. London, J. Murray, 1903.
Main and MHSPC QH 31 .D2 A4 v. 1-2

Darwin, Francis Sacheverell. Travels in Spain and the East, 1808-1810. Cambridge, The University Press, 1927.
MHSPC Rare Books xx D 973 .D25 1927

Geike, James. Prehistoric Europe, a Geological Sketch. London, E. Stanford, 1881.
MHSPC QE 696 .G4 1881

Gruber, Howard. Darwin on Man, a Psychological Study of Scientific Creativity, Together with Darwin's Early and Unpublished Notebooks Transcribed and Annotated by Paul H. Barrett. NY, E.P. Dutton, 1974.
Main QH 31 .D2 D37 1974

Humboldt, Alexandre. Geognostical Essay on the Superposition of Rocks, in Both Hemispheres. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1823.
MHSPC QE 602 .H9

Humboldt, Alexandre. Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, during the Year 1799-1804. London, G. Bell and Sons, 1881.
MHSPC Rare Books xx F 2216 .H913 1881 v. 1-3

Jameson, Robert. Manual of Mineralogy, Containing an Account of Simple Minerals, and also a Description and Arrangement of Mountain Rocks. Edinburgh, A. Constable, 1821.
MHSPC QE 372 .J32 1821

Kendall, Francis. Descriptive Catalogue of the Minerals, and Fossil Organic Remains of Scarborough and the Vicinity, Including the Line of Coast from Hornsea to Mulgrave, and Extending into the Interior as Far as Malton. Scarborough, Printed by and for T. Coultas, 1816.
MHSPC QE 262 .Y8 K3

Kirwan, Richard. Elements of Mineralogy. London, Printed by J. Nichols, 1794.
MHSPC Rare Books QE 362 .K57 1794 v. 1-2

Lord, David N. Geognosy, or, the Facts and Principles of Geology Against Theories. NY, Franklin Knight, 1857.
MHSPC Rare Books BS 657 .L7 1857

Lyell, Charles. Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man, with Remarks on Theories of the Origin of Species by Variation. London, J. Murray, 1863.
MHSPC and Main GN 735 .L97

Lyell, Charles. Elements of Geology. London, J. Murray, 1838.
MHSPC QE 26 .L94 1838

Lyell, Charles. Elements of Geology, or, the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants as Illustrated by Geological Monuments. London, J. Murray, 1865.
MHSPC QE 26 .L94 1865

Also in MHSPC a NY, D. Appleton, 1857 ed. MHSPC QE 26 .L936

Lyell, Charles. Principles of Geology, being an Attempt to Explain the Former Changes of the Earth's Surface, by Reference to Causes Now in Operation. London, J. Murray, 1830.
MHSPC Rare Books xx QE 26 .L96 1830 v. 1-3

Lyell, Charles. Principles of Geology, Being an Inquiry How Far the Former Changes of the Earth's Surface are Referable to Causes Now in Operation. London, J. Murray, 1837.
MHSPC QE 26 .L96 1837b

Lyell, Charles. Principles of Geology, or, Modern Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants Considered as Illustrative of Geology. London, J. Murray, 1850.
MHSPC QE 26 .L9 1850
Also in MHSPC a NY, D. Appleton and Co. ed., 1892 MHSPC Rare Books QE 26 .L9 1892 v. 1-2.

Miller, Hugh. Testimony of the Rocks, or, Geology in its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed. Edinburgh, W.P. Nimmo, 1897.
MHSPC Textbooks BS 657 .M54 1897

Parkinson, James. Organic Remains of a Former World. An Examination of the Mineralized Remains of the Vegetables and Animals of the Antediluvian World; Generally Termed Extraneous Fossils. London, J. Robson, 1804-1811.
MHSPC Rare Books xx folio QE 710 .P24 v.1-2

Wallace, Alfred R. Australia and New Zealand. London, E. Stanford, 1893.
Main DU 21 .W22

Wallace, Alfred R. Geographical Distribution of Animals. With a Study of the Relations of Living and Extinct Faunas as Elucidating the Past Changes of the Earth's Surface. NY, Harper and Brothers, 1876.
MHSPC QL 101 .W18 1876 v. 1-2

Wallace, Alfred R. Malay Archipelago, the Land of the Orang-Utan and the Bird of Paradise; a Narrative of Travel, with Studies of Man and Nature. London, Macmillan, 1906.
Main DS 601 .W3 1906

Wallace, Alfred R. Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro; with an Account of the Native Tribes, and Observations on the Climate, Geology, and Natural History of the Amazon Valley. London, Ward Lock, Bowden and Co., 1892.
MHSPC F 2546 .W18 1892.

White, Gilbert. Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, with the Naturalist's Calendar; and Miscellaneous Observations, Extracted from his Papers. London, Printed for J. And A. Arch, [1837].
MHSPC QH 138 .S4 W46 1837