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Horticulture and Gardening Research Guide: Notable Resources

Horticulture encompasses the studies of flower cultivation (floriculture), fruits (pomology), vegetables (olericulture), ornamental plants, turf/lawns, and landscape architecture. This guide identifies key resources to research these and related topics.

Notable Resources

These are works that can be checked out from the library or are fully available online.

CAST - Council for Agricultural Science and Technology

CAST is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization composed of 38 scientific societies and many individual, student, company, nonprofit, and associate society members. The primary work of CAST is the publication of task force reports, commentary papers and issue papers written by scientists from many disciplines. CAST addresses issues of animal sciences, biotechnology, food sciences and agricultural technology, plant and soil sciences, and plant protection sciences with inputs from economists, social scientists, toxicologists or plant pathologists and entomologists, weed scientists, nematologists, and legal experts. Publications List with abstracts - most documents are free pdfs.

Digital Repositories

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