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Michigan State University

Library of Congress Classification: Classification by Call Number

By Call Number

Call Number: General Subject Area:
AC-AZ General Works
B-BD Philosophy
BF Psychology
BH-BJ Ethics
BL-BX Religion
CB-CT History - Auxiliary Sciences
D-DY History - Non-American
E-F History - North American/South American
G-GF Geography
GN Anthropology
GR Folklore
GT Manners & Customs
GV Sports & Games
H-HA Social Science - General & Statistics
HB-HJ Economics
HM-HX Sociology
J-JS Political Science
JX Law - International
K Law
L-LT Education
M-MT Music
N-NK Fine Arts
P-PM Language
PQ Literature - Romance Languages
PR Literature - British
PS Literature - American
PT Literature - German Language
Q-QD Science - Pure
QE-QR Science - Applied
R-RZ Medicine
S-SK Agriculture
T-TT Technology
TX Human Ecology
U Army Science
V Naval Science
Z Bibliography
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