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Native North American Art: a Guide to Information Resources: Books

This guide serves as a starting point for researching the art of Native North Americans. Special emphasis is placed on materials relevant to the tribes of the Great Lakes region.

Recommended Titles

The MSU Libraries has numerous resources available to assist with research on Native North American Art.  Please note that additional resources about regional Great Lakes Native American art are available at the Library of Michigan. 

Resources in the Main Library

Books on the art of Native Americans will be found in both the MSU Fine Arts Library and the Main Library; many well-illustrated books can be found in the section on Native American history and culture. The following suggestions will help you search for items in the MSU Library Catalog.

Suggested Subject Headings

Indian Art North America
Indians of North America Great Lakes region
Indians of North America Great Lakes region art
Indians of North America pottery (note: in place of "pottery", you can substitute the term for almost any media such as painting, basket making, embroidery, etc.)
Beadwork Great Lakes region
Indian featherwork North America
Ojibwa Indians art

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Campus Resources

The MSU Museum has a collection of Native American art and artifacts.  Visit the collection web site for more information.

Covered Bastket


Covered Basket. c. 1910
Elizabeth Hickox (active early 20th century)
Root;Stem; Quill; Grass
Karok. California. USA
Kansas City. Missouri. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
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