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Identifying Types of Periodicals

When searching the literature on a topic, it is important to learn what a variety of experts, scholars, journalists, and researchers are are saying about the topic and have published in periodicals. A periodical is anything that is published at regular intervals throughout the year such as a magazine, journal, or newspaper:

  • Magazine: A magazine is a collection of articles and images about diverse topics of popular interest and current events. Usually these articles are written by journalists or scholars and are geared toward the average adult.
  • Journal: A journal is a collection of articles usually written by scholars in an academic or professional field. An editorial board reviews articles to decide whether they should be accepted.
  • Newspaper: A newspaper is a collection of articles about current events usually published daily. Since there is at least one in every city, it is a great source for local information.

Use this chart to help you identify the differences among popular magazines, scholarly journals, and trade journals:

Popular Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals vs. Trade Journals

Finding Articles in Magazines, Journals, & Newspapers

These resources will help you find articles in magazines, journals, and newspapers about companies and industries.

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