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NSC 495-Researching your topic in Human Biology: Scholarly Sources--Peer Reviewed Scientific Articles

Science Literature

Education Literature

Starting with a Reference/Citation

If you find a reference in the back of one of your books, you can either:

1.  Type the article title into PubMed or Web of Science and use that way to get to the full text.  

2.  Look up the journal title (not article title) on the Libraries e-journals list:   find the cited date, volume, year, and page numbers to drill down to the exact article. 

Tips on Using Peer Reviewed Literature Databases

  1. They let you search just the scientific peer-reviewed literature so you aren't distracted by other types of sources.
  2. Put in simple but specific search terms, not long phrases.
  3. Your search term can be a researcher's name. 
  4. Check the date of any article you want to use so that you know its context
  5. Look first for Review articles.  This will provide summary and background to help you understand the field.  You can refine your search to just Review articles on the left hand side of your page of search results. 
  6. These are abstract databases, not full text.  To find the full text or articles, look for Find Text @MSU or other Spartan links.  

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