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Michigan State University

ChE/MSE 802 - Research Methods

Information Resources For Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Students


 Both print books and e-books may be located by using the MSU Libraries' online catalog. The online catalog can be searched by author, title, subject, or keyword. Use the author, title or author/title search to locate a known item. Use the keyword or subject search to locate items relating to a your topic. Because libraries assign subject headings to books that may not match the terms you are familiar with, it is often useful to do a keyword search using the words you are familiar with and then note what subject heading(s) assigned to the items that seem to be the most useful to you and then do another search using those subject headings.

Some E-Book Collections and Online Reference Works

The MSU Libraries provides users with access to an increasingly large number of e-books.

 E-Book Collections.


Provides online full-text access to over 700 McGraw-Hill engineering titles including standard works such as Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook, Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, and the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers. Major engineering disciplines covered include biomedical, chemical, civil, communications, construction, electrical, energy, environmental, green/sustainable, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nanotechnology and optical. The full-text of these titles is searchable.

 Knovel Civil Engineering & Construction Materials, Chemistry, Food Sciences, Life Sciences,   and Metals &  Metals Metallurgy Collection

This collection includes over 600 full text handbooks and reference works in biochemistry, biology, and biotechnology;chemistry and chemical engineering; food science; metals and metallurgy including the ASM Handbook .


SpringerLink is the platform for European based publisher Springer. It provides online access to reference works and other e-books, in addition to their journals in the scientific, technical, and medical fields.

    Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science Collections

SYNTHESIS is an innovative information service for the research, development and educational communities in engineering and computer science. It combines authoritative content with advanced digital delivery to create a product that is substantially more useful than traditional print and digital publications

Selected Online Reference Works

Comprehensive Composite Materials

Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Wiley Database of Polymer Properties