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ChE/MSE 802 - Research Methods

Information Resources For Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Students

Journal Articles & Conference Papers

These types of literature provide the most up-to-date information and are much more likely to have information on narrower topics not easily located in books. The Online Catalog does not provide in-depth indexing of all the topics treated in an individual books and cannot be used to find journal articles on a particular subject. These publications are normally published more rapidly than books and should provide the latest information on a given topic. MSU users have access to a number of electronic indexes and databases relevant to chemical engineering and materials science.


E - Journals can be accessed in a number of different ways through our online catalog and our A to Z Title List of Electronic Journals.  Many can also accessed from online indexes.  Most e- journals can be accessed from anywhere on-campus. Off-campus access to these resources is possible by going through a  proxy server.  The number of years available online varies by journal title. The electronic resources available at any given time changes as we make more resources available in electronic formats.