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Michigan State University

Mergent Databases Introduction

Mergent Archives

Getting Started

When you first enter Mergent Archives, you'll want to click the "Search Mergent Archives" in the upper right hand column. After it loads you'll see a number of tabs at the top including Corporate Manual Search, Municipal Manual Search, Annual Reports Search, Industry Report Search, Equity Report Search, Key Business Ratios Search, Country Report, MDDI - Million Dollar Directory Index, Hoovers Handbooks, First Research Search, and Bond Record Search. 

Basic Search

The default tab is the corporate manual search, and that is because that is what is unique about this database. It has historical company information from Moody's/Mergent Manuals. You can search by company or browse manual title/year. For example, if I wanted to look for the ford motor company in 2007. I could put ford motor company in the company name box, select the industrial manual, and select 2007 from the drop down menu. You cannot search by company name and year. You have to select a manual. However, you can search by company name and leave the manual title and year blank and it will bring back all results so you can see what manuals it is in. To see the actual page the company report starts on, click the page number.

Municipal Manual Search

Coverage includes virtually all U.S. taxing jurisdictions and agencies – from school districts, hospitals, villages and towns to cities, counties and states across the nation – with total long-term rated debt of $25,000,000 or over. Full coverage is extended to all entities in California, New York and Texas. In this comprehensive manual, you’ll find a historical perspective on each issuing entity, as well as statistical data, financial statements and full bond descriptions.

To search enter a search term and a year if desired. For example you can do a search for Detroit.

Annual Reports

Industry Report Search

Same as that found in Mergent Online.

Search by Company Name and/or choose Industry and/or Region. User can select all or one category

User can include date range as well

Search Result List

Once you have initiated your search, the system will retrieve a result list of available documents that match your criteria.

Equity Report Search

The other unique feature of Mergent Web Reports is the Equity Report Search tab. You can search by company name, ticker, CUSIP, industry, and other criteria like new strong buys. If I do a search for the ticker F (Ford Motor Company), I need to click on the PDF symbol under the Report column to see the actual report. Clicking on the name will take you to the company report offering many tabs to explore including annual reports, industry reports, equity reports, bond reports, finanical info, and more.