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Collection Development Policy Statement: Business

History of the Collection/Existing strengths and emphases.

MSU Libraries business collection was included in the Main Library until the early sixties when the College of Business requested that a library be set up in the Eppley Center. Initially it was housed in the Teak Room on the first floor. As it outgrew the space, it was moved to the basement of the annex, where it occupied approximately 5,500 sq.ft. In 1985, an additional 1,500 sq.ft. were added.

Until 1987, business was collected in both the Main Library and the Business Library. Since that time, efforts have been made to closely define areas of responsibility in order to avoid duplication. Economics has remained in the Main Library.

The collection was moved into the new Gast Business Library in the Law Building in 1997, which expanded the amount of space for the library three-fold.

In 2001, the law collection was moved from the Main Library to the Gast Business Library.

In 2007, Labor and Industrial Relations, including Human resources management and Organizational behavior, was moved from the Main Library to the Business Library. The School of Labor and Industrial Relations changed its name to School of Human Resources & Labor Relations effective July 1, 2010.

The Labor collection includes a premier and exclusive collection of Michigan arbitration decisions and labor contracts.

Electronic resources have become the dominant area of collection. Some electronic resources have print equivalents, but most exist only in electronic format.

Journal literature is an essential resource for the study of business. Both scholarly publications and trade publications have their place in the business collection. Because of the focus on currency and developing trends, this literature is very heavily used and important to the researcher. If costs are reasonable, purchasing journal literature in databases or electronically is pursued to allow more access remotely.

Monographic literature is also important. The collection should provide at least a core collection in all areas of business. E-books are purchased when possible to allow easier access, but we do take into consideration the type of book it is. For example, if the chapters are standalone or individual articles, electronic is preferred. However, if it is something that someone may want to read cover to cover and print would be easier for comprehension, print may be preferred. 

In late 2010/early 2011 we started a new collection called Popular Business Collection which includes print books with more of a general reading interest. These titles have a business focus and must have an interest for those looking to read for pleasure.

In June 2012 we displayed a new collection called Business Audio Books which includes books on CD that are more of a general reading interest. These titles are related to business and must have an interest for those looking to read for pleasure.

In 2018 we have begun digitizing some historical Michigan public entity labor contracts to add to our contracts' database. We are also beginning to collect current labor contracts.

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