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Michigan State University

GIS Guide: GIS @ MSU Libraries

Guide to GIS at MSU, finding datasets, GIS data libraries, and GIS utilities and software.

GIS at MSU Libraries

Welcome!  MSU Libraries provides support to MSU students learning and using GIS.  We can advise you on finding geospatial datasets, cleaning data, and choosing software or an appropriate platform for your project.

A variety of platforms are available for online mapping, from interactive map websites to GIS Lite to desktop GIS software.  In addition, we have the full resources of the MSU Map Library including paper maps and digital items.

MSU Libraries is not able to assist with large-scale production work.  If you want a professional consulting service and production facility, please see RS&GIS below.

GIS Training at MSU

Free Workshops:

MSU Libraries occasionally offers workshops on QGIS, an open source desktop software and other geospatial topics.  Watch the Map Library Blog for upcoming opportunities.

Free online training:

MSU's Site License gains us access to numerous free online GIS training modules.  See this list of classes.  These training modules will each take several hours but may be completed at your own pace.  Contact Amanda Tickner or Kathleen Weessies to be enrolled in any of these classes.

Workshops (non-credit or C.E.U.):

Remote Sensing & GIS is a unit on campus that offers one and two-day CEU certified workshops.  The trainers are ESRI certified.

For-Credit Classes:

The MSU Geography Department teaches several GI - related courses including Geo 325, Geographic Information Systems, a 3-credit hour course.  For more information see the Geography Department Course Listing.

Free GIS Tutorials

GIS Team

The MSU Map Library

The MSU Map Library is located on the 2nd floor of the east wing in the Main Library. It houses the maps and atlases collections.

Map Library
Main Library Building
Michigan State University
366 W. Circle Drive, Room W308
East Lansing, MI  48824
Phone: (517)884-6467

Michigan State University