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Collection Development Policy Statement: Biological/Biomedical Sciences

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the subject: emphasis/restrictions

The library acquires primarily current research rather than historical material, although the collection retains older materials purchased in the past.

B. Languages of resources collected; exclusions/emphases/translations

All current acquisitions in this area are in English, as English is the current worldwide language of science. In the past, materials available only in German, French, or Russian were important and were also collected. These older materials remain in the collection.

C. Geography of the subject; emphases/restrictions

There are no specific geographic concerns for these subject areas.

D. Format of the resources; restrictions if any:

The professional journal literature is of primary importance for this collection area and comprises the majority of the budget. Journals may be purchased in print-only subscriptions, print and electronic, or electronic-only subscriptions. Electronic-only subscriptions are only considered for journals where archival access or ownership of purchased volumes is guaranteed. The high demand for electronic access to journals means that the majority of important journal subscriptions are purchased in electronic format.

Selected monographs and reference works are also purchased in this area, both in electronic and physical formats. The majority of monographic purchases are either at the graduate/professional level or undergraduate level. Some monographs are purchased for the popular science level. Classic textbooks are purchased with discrimation. CD-ROM materials that come with monographs are retained separately in the library. Online laboratory protocols and video materials are purchased and selected video material in DVD format.

Research data - particularly MSU-generated data that is not already openly available or that cannot/will not be placed in exisiting research data repositories - may be collected. For additional guidelines, please see MSU's Digital Research Data Collection Development Policy.

E. Date of the publication of resources; emphases if any:

For the most part, only current materials are purchased.

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