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Collection Development Policy Statement: Geology

Appendix A: RLG Analysis of 1985

In 1984/85, the MSU Libraries participated in the Research Libraries’ Group (RLG) Conspectus to identify and describe existing and current collection intensities. A detailed study of the QE collection in both Geology and the Main Libraries to ascertain the number and type of materials covered in each major category of the QE schedule was similarly completed in 1985.

Geographically the collection emphasized the United States and Canada; coverage of Europe varied from good for the UK to poor for much of the rest of Europe; other regions were covered at a level 1-2. Targeted subject priorities included: Mineralogy, petrology, structure, tectonics and geophysics, stratigraphy, invertebrate paleontology, paleobotany, sedimentology, glaciology, mining, and petroleum geology. Although the collection intensity of the Michigan Basin materials was rated a 4, the collection itself was suffering from loss of maps, gaps, patron use and abuse, predation, age, condition of specific pieces, and non-availability of items needing replacement. Languages were primarily restricted to English, although some Russian materials were collection because of the Siberian project.

Copies of both of these studies are found in the 2000 edition of the Geological Sciences Collection Development Policy, available from the MSU Libraries' Geology Bibliographer. Taken together, they accurately profile the geosciences collection as it existed in 1985.

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