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Collection Development Policy Statement: Mathematics/Statistics

Definition of Collecting Levels

Collection levels


MSU's Mathematics collection levels are found here. ALA defines collection levels as follows:


  1. Minimal Level: A subject area in which few selections are made beyond very basic books.

  2. Basic Information Level: A collection of up-to-date general materials that serves to introduce and define a subject.

  3. Instructional Support Level: A collection that is closely tied to the needs of the curriculum:

    A. Undergraduate Support level: a collection that is adequate to support undergraduate instruction.
    B. Upper Level/Graduate Support level: A collection that is adequate to support undergraduate instruction and most upper level / graduate instruction or independent studies.
  4. Research Level: A collection that includes major published source materials required for research needs.

  5. Comprehensive level: A collection in which the Library includes all significant works of recorded knowledge for a necessarily defined and limited field.

    The Mathematics collection levels are currently primarily at 3A and 3B with a few approaching 4. MSU does not attempt to collect at intensity levels of 4 or above, since the mathematics collection at the University of Illinois is rated at a 5 -- Comprehensive Level, and considered a regional resource center in the Research Libraries Group.

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