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Collection Development Policy Statement: Packaging

Levels of Collecting Intensity

Packaging resources fall into a number of Library of Congress classification categories depending upon the packaging material (e.g., paperboard, plastics, glass, metal) or packaged product (e.g., food, pharmaceuticals, electronics), although HF and TS are the primary call number areas. While every effort has been made to be as inclusive as possible, some areas of interest (e.g., shipping and warehousing, packaging law and regulation) have been omitted because they are treated in other policy statements (see Section II, C). Collection in most areas is at the instructional (3) or research level (4).

Conspectus Call # Ranges Subject Level
HF 5770 Packaging Industry 4
NC 997-1003 Commercial Art (including packaging graphics & design) 3
RS 159.5 Pharmaceutical Packaging 3
TA 1215 Transportation Engineering--Freight 3
TD 195.P26 Special Environmental Pollutants--Packaging Goods Industry 3
TP 374 Food Packaging 4
TP 866 Glass Packaging 3
TP 1080-1185 Polymers, Plastics and their Manufacture 3
TS 195-198.8 Packaging Engineering 4
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