Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Parks and Recreation

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject:

Collecting emphasizes current research and trends, not historical material, although historical literature is maintained. The journal literature covers all aspects of the field.

B. Languages of Resources Collected:

Only English language materials are collected.

C. Geography of the Subject:

Mainly North America, but other areas are collected as well.

D. Format of the Resources Collected:

Formats include scholarly (and some popular) journal literature (both print and electronic), monographs, government publications, websites, field guides, and bibliographies. Due to the high demand for convenient access to information, electronic journals are given priority whenever possible.

E. Date of Publication of Resources Collected:

Current research is emphasized. The MSU Libraries does not collect retrospectively in this area, and guidebooks, tourist information, and similar resources are weeded regularly for currency.


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