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Collection Development Policy Statement: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

A. Anticipated Future Trends

Expanded emphasis on collecting materials on lesbianism and human sexuality to support curricular demands of an expanded Women’s Studies department into a graduate level degree program, with increased orientation toward gender studies topics, in other departments as well as within Women’s Studies.

B. Relationship with other resources.

1. On campus branch or format collections:

The GLBT holdings in Special Collections are supported by larger holdings in the Main circulating collection, which is primarily composed of scholarly monographs and serials, in addition to biographies and literary works by gay or lesbian authors. Given the occasionally controversial nature of erotic literature and works on homosexuality, and in view of the high rate of circulation of some of these titles, Special Collections holds a number of second copies to ensure preservation and availability of selected key resources in GLBT studies.

2. Regional or network resources:

The Joseph A. Labadie Collection of radical and social protest literature at the University of Michigan is an outstanding resource in Michigan for those interested in fields that pertain to GLBT history and culture, with superior strength in British and European gay periodicals.

The Gerber/Hart Library and Archives in Chicago, Ill., serves the midwestern region as library, cultural center and archive of midwestern , national , and international glbt publications and papers.

For additional resources in the midwest, refer to the LAGAR directory, Lavender Legacies: Guide to Sources in North America, which includes an entry on the Special Collections at MSU Libraries.

C. Relationships to resources treated in other policy statements:



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