Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender

Levels of Collecting Intensity

A. Serials/Periodical Collection

Continue to collect through subscriptions, out of print purchases, solicitation of complimentary copies, and donations, serial publications which reflect the broad spectrum of GLBT political, social, sexual, economic, cultural and ethnic thought and experience. (Level 3)

B. Popular Fiction

Continue to collect by current and out of print purchases, and through donations, all areas of GLBT popular fiction with special emphasis on gay and lesbian "pulp paperbacks" from the 1950’s-1970’s, and gay and lesbian small press fiction of the 1980’s and 1990’s. (Level 3)

C. Comic Art

Continue to collect by purchase and donation comic art by GLBT artists, and comic art with GLBT subject matter, including AIDS and safe sex educational comics. (Level 4)

D. GLBT American Radicalism (Homophile movements, Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movements, and GLBT/AIDS social and political activism)

Continue to collect by purchase and by donations materials in various formats (pamphlets, newsletters, books, leaflets, posters) which document GLBT political activism and social change movements. (Level 3)

E. Gay male art and photography

Continue to collect through purchase and donation a wide spectrum of representation of gay male artists and photographers, including early and contemporary artistic erotic photography books, physique or "muscle" magazines from the 1950’s-1970’s, and contemporary popular gay male photography magazines, with special emphasis on items where nude representations or sexual explicitness would put them at risk in the circulating collections or the Fine Arts library. (Level 3)

F. GLBT Vertical Files

Continue to develop and maintain, through staff efforts and with the addition of occasional purchased or donated materials, the Popular Culture and American Radicalism vertical files of pamphlets, newsletters, clippings (photocopied for preservation), internet and email news releases, organizational mailings and other miscellanea devoted to GLBT activism and culture. (Level 3)

G. Manuscripts and Archival Collections

Continue to collect through solicitation and donation the papers of GLBT individuals and organizations active locally and/or within the MSU community. Continue to serve as the primary depository of archival records and papers of all MSU GLBT organizations, for example, the Alliance of LGBT Students, the University Wide Task Force, and GLFSA. (Level 2)

H. Rare Book Collection

Continue to collect primarily through current or out of print purchases, with occasional donations, first edition copies of the most significant titles by eminent GLBT writers, especially works by the expatriate writers of the twenties, or milestone titles published in England or the United States before 1980, or editions published by fine presses in limited editions. (Level 2)

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