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Collection Development Policy Statement: Sociology

Levels of Collecting Intensity

LC Class Subject Level
HA Statistics 2**
HB 848-3967 Demography 3
HD 1501-1542 Agriculture, social aspects **
HD 6951-6957 Industrial Sociology, social conditions of labor 4**
HJ 7396-9600 Public Finance 2**
HM General Sociology 3
HM 261 Public Opinion 3
HN 1-110 Social History, General and US 4
HQ± Family, Marriage, Women 3
HQ 503-1064 The Family 3
HT* Communities, Classes, Races, Urban and Rural Sociology 3
HT 401-485 Rural Sociology 4
HX Socialism. Communism. **
LC 189-214.53 Educational Sociology 3**
RA 418 Medical Sociology **


**This material is covered by another Collection Plan.

*HT 165.5-169.9 and HT 390-395 is covered by Urban Planning

± HQ75-76 and HQ 1101-2030 is covered by Women and Gender Studies; some materials in HQ are also covered by Social Work as appropriate (where content is relevant to social welfare and/or services)

Many topical areas within the sociology collection dealing with social issues are controversial. Materials are collected to represent all sides of the issue in compliance with the American Library Association code of ethics and principles of intellectual freedom.

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