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Collection Development Policy Statement: American History

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronological emphasis:

There are no chronological restrictions. Particular emphasis will be given to materials relating to the late 19th and 20th centuries.

B. Languages Included/Excluded:

Overall English is the preferred language. Seminal works in other Western languages will be considered. Spanish and French works dealing with the discovery and exploration of the Americas will be added. In foreign relations between the United States and another country, important works in the vernacular of the country will be obtained. 

C. Geographic Emphasis/Restrictions:

Strong emphasis on Midwest, Middle Atlantic States, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and California. Increased emphasis on the South and the Trans-Mississippi West. Less emphasis on the remaining New England States and the Pacific Northwest.

D. Format of the resources collected and treatment of the subject:

All appropriate formats, including print and electronic, are considered. Ebooks are collected to support the distance and online learning courses offered through the MSU History Department. Microforms may be collected sparingly, with preference given to electronic formats.

E. Date of Publication 

No restrictions.

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