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Collection Development Policy Statement: Classical Studies

Levels of Collecting Intensity

Conspectus Section: Language and Literature

Call number range Subject Level
PA 1-2915 Greek and Latin Philology 3A*
PA 42 Greek and Latin Paleography see Z 105-115
PA 201-1179 Greek Language 3A
PA 459-591 Greek Language—Hellenic Dialects 2
PA 601-691 Greek Language—Hellenistic Greek 2
PA 1001-1179 Greek Language—Medieval and Modern 2
PA 3050-4500 Greek Literature—Ancient 3B
PA 3131-3203 Greek Drama, Theater and Stage 3B
PA 3300-3367 Greek Literature—Papyri and Papyrology 2
PA 5000-5350 Byzantine Literature 3A
PA 5600-(5868) Modern Greek Literature 2
PA 2001-2995 Latin Language 3A
PA 2391-2550 Ancient Languages and Dialects of Italy 2
PA 2801-2915 Latin Language—Medieval and Modern 3A
PA 6000-6971 Latin Literature—Roman 3B
PA 6067-6075 Roman Drama, Theater and Stage 3A
PA 7000-7040 Early Christian Literature see BR 60-67
PA 8000-8595 Medieval and Neo-Latin Literature 3A
PJ 1003-1967 Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Literature 2
PJ 3191-4509 Cuneiform 1
PK Semitic Languages 1
PK Indo-Iranian, Armenian, Caucasian, etc. 1

* The definitions of collection level intensities are as follows:

  1. Minimal level. Few selections, but basic authors, some core works or a spectrum of ideological views are represented.
  2. Basic information level. A selective collection of materials that serves to introduce and define a subject and to indicate the varieties of information available elsewhere. It may include reference books, appropriate bibliographic databases, selected editions of important works, historical surveys, handbooks, bibliographies, and a few major periodicals.
  3. Study or Instructional support level. A collection that is adequate to impart and maintain knowledge about a subject in a systematic way, but at a level of less than research intensity. The collection includes a wide range of basic works in appropriate formats, a significant number of “classic” retrospective materials, complete collections of the works of more important writers, selections from secondary writers; a selection of representative journals, access to appropriate data files, and the reference tools and fundamental bibliographical apparatus pertaining to the subject.

      3A. As above. This division of level 3 supports UNDERGRADUATE courses, as well as most independent study needs of the clientele of public and special libraries. It is not adequate to support master’s degree programs.

      3B. Advanced sub-division of level 3 provides resources adequate to master’s degree programs as well as the more advanced independent needs of the patrons of public and special libraries.

  4. Research level. A collection that includes the major materials required for dissertations and independent research, including materials containing research reporting, new findings, experimental results, etc. It includes all important reference works and a wide selection of specialized monographs, a very extensive collection of journals and the major indexing and abstracting services in the field. Pertinent foreign language materials are included. Older material is retained for historical research and actively preserved. This level collection supports doctoral and other original research.
  5. Comprehensive level. A collection in which a library endeavors, so far as it is reasonably possible, to include all significant works of recorded knowledge in all applicable languages, for a necessarily defined and limited field. The aim is exhaustiveness.

Conspectus: Other subjects (as each relates to the ancient world in general).

Call number range Subject Level
BL 1-1000 History of & Comparative Religion, etc 3A
BL 700-820 Classical Religion and Mythology 3A
BR 60-67 Early Christian Literature (Greek and Latin) 3A
CC 1-175 Archaeology 3A
CJ Numismatics 2
CN Epigraphy, Inscriptions 3A
D 51-90 Ancient History 3A
D 1-98 Greco-Roman World 3B
DF 1-289 Ancient Greece 3B
DG 11-365 Ancient Italy 3B
HB, HC, HD Demography, Economic History 3A
HN-HV Social History 3A
JC 51-95 Ancient State 3A
JN Constitutional History 3A
Z 105-115 Greek and Latin Paleography 3A

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