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Collection Development Policy Statement: Medieval and Renaissance/Early Modern Studies

Levels of Collecting Intensity

Conspectus Call # Ranges Subject Level Note
BR, BX Medieval and Reformation Christianity 3a
CB 3-9,15-20,25,61-67 General works 3a
CB 206 Celtic 2
CB 216-220 Anglo-Saxon 2
CB 351-369 Medieval, Ren. and Reformation 3b
CB 440-end Special topics, if related to Medieval, Ren. and Reformation 3b
CC Medieval and Renaissance archaeology 2
CD Archival guides and resources 3a
CE Medieval and Ren. calendars 1
CF Med. And Ren. numismatics 0
CN 755 Med. And Ren inscriptions 0
CR Med. And Ren. heraldry 1
CS Genealogy 0
CT Biography of Med. and Ren people 3a
D 101-234 Medieval and Renaissance history 3b
HC Med./Ren. economic history 3a
HD Med/Ren. organization of work, land use, agriculture, laborers, wages, trades 3a
HE Med./Ren. transportation, communication 3a
HF Med./Ren. commerce, trade, business 3a
HG Med./Ren. finance, money 3a
HJ Med./Ren. public finance 3a
HM Med./Ren. social systems, institutions, and social change 3a
HN Med./Ren. social history and conditions 3b
HQ Med./Ren. family, marriage, women, sexual life, sex roles, human relationships, children, youth, etc. 3b
HS Med./Ren. societies, clubs 3a
HT Med./Ren. communities, cities, recreation, social classes, serfdom, urban/rural life 3a
HV Med./Ren. social and public welfare, fairs, crime/delinquency, charity, the poor, Mendicancy, protection, assistance, relief, etc. 3a
JN Med./Ren. political institutions, administration 3a
K,KB,KBR,KBU,KD- KDK,KJ-KKZ Med./Ren. law 3a
LA,LF Med./Ren education 3a
PE 1-896 Med./Ren history of English language 3a
PN Med./Ren. literature in general, in English 3a  
PR Med./Ren. English literature 3a  
Qs Med./Ren. science 3a  
Rs Med./Ren. medicine 3a  
Ss Med./Ren. agriculture 3a  
Ts Med./Ren. technology, crafts, cookery 3a  
U,V Med./Ren. military and naval 2  
Zs Med./Ren books, writing, paleography, manuscripts, dev. of printing, libraries 2  
Z 5579.5 Bibliography of Med./Ren. 3b  
Z 6203 Bibliography of Med./Ren. 3b  
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