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Collection Development Policy Statement: Philosophy

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

A. Anticipated Future Trends

Philosophy will retain a certain centrality among the disciplines in spite of the loss of prominence of the humanities in the curriculum in recent decades. In fact, recent movements in epistemology an hermeneutics (such as the much publicized deconstruction and post-modernist movements) have had the effect of affirming the relevance of philosophies in the scholarly method of all the disciplines. On the one hand, philosophies of science, methodologies of the social sciences and the issues of inclusiveness in the humanities have had the effect of renewing philosophical inquiry and affirming its critical value. In a similar way a certain political relevance is evident in the added emphasis on orthopraxy (along side of orthodoxy), while the composite concerns of post-modernism have added a renewed emphasis on ethics and in social philosophy.

Greater intersectionality of other disciplines and applied philosophy is gaining emphasis, in topics such as health care, equity and reparations, philosophy and law, and greater inclusion of philosophic thought from non-Western and People of Color philosophers.

B. Relationships with Other Resources

  1. Departmental
    The Philosophy Department maintains a departmental collection of books consisting largely of paperback editions of texts and studies that provide curricular support to student borrowers.
  2. MSU Libraries
    "Aspects" of other disciplines will be purchased if requested, e.g., "moral & ethical aspects" LC subheadings, or if the material meets program needs, e.g., medical ethics.
  3. Regional or network resources
    In addition to MSU resources, additional materials can be requested via MelCat and InterLibrary Loan.  Please Ask A Librarian if you need assistance requesting material from other libraries.
  4. Digital
    Many public domain materials are available freely online or via Haithi Trust and many databases are available through the MSU Libraries' website.

C. Relationships to resources treated in other policy statements.

Philosophy is relevant to all areas of study so virtually all policy statements could conceivably contain philosophical aspects. Main Reference may purchase philosophy indices, abstracts, or encyclopedias independently.

D. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The Philosophy collection actively supports building collections that represent and serve all races, ethnicities, religions, demographics, and orientations.  If you are aware of issues that don't seem to be met, please contact the Philosophy subject librarian, Dr. Lydia Tang. For further information, please view MSU's Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives and the MSU Library's resources for accessibility.

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