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Collection Development Policy Statement: European Studies

Analysis of the Subject Field

  • A. Chronology of the Subject: Emphases/Restrictions
    The time period collected is approximately 1450-present, with an emphasis on 20th century Europe.
  • B. Languages of Resources collected: Exclusions/Emphases/Translations
    Languages collected are limited to English due to fund limitations. Other languages are only collected upon faculty request.
  • C. Geography of the Subject: Emphases/Restrictions
    The fund covers Europe as a whole or comparative works covering several European countries, but does not include studies of individual countries handled by subject funds outlined above.
  • D. Format of the Resources Collected: Restrictions
    Materials that are collected are largely monographs and journals. As funding allows, the collection is enhanced with microform sets or electronic resources. Videos, manuscripts, and theses are collected only upon request and as funding allows.
  • E. Date of Publication of Resources Collected: Restrictions
    Current publications are collected; out of print only to replace missing copies as available.
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