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Collection Development Policy Statement: Travel

Statement provided by Denise Forro 3/2000. Created 3/2000; Last updated: 10/2014 HHC

Purpose and Scope of Collection

The travel collection will serve as an information and planning resource for both the University population and the public, via MelCat and inter-library loan. A secondary function for the collection is to serve the research needs of the MSU campus. This applies particularly to older, historical material.

Materials will be purchased primarily in the English language, with some exceptions where the only materials are available in English or when specialist guides for international populations at MSU are appropriate.

Review of this collection will be an ongoing process.

History of the Collection

The travel collection was a discrete sub-collection in the Main Library until 2010 when it was dispersed to the Main Library stacks. Prior to moving to the stacks it was a non-circulating collection. It was reconstituted in a separate physical location on the first floor of the Main Library, next to the Browsing Collection, in 2013. The travel collection is available for circulation and inter-library loan.

From 2013 electronic reference travel guides were purchased to supplement the print collection.

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