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Eighteenth Century English Microform Holdings: Newspapers

This is an annotated bibliography of MSU Libraries' microform holdings on/about the long English18th century. Many are now housed in Remote Storage, but they can be requested. Last updated 06-05-2023


We have access to newspapers online also.  See the Newspapers section of British Isles Online Primary Sources guide and the Online U.K. and Irish Newspapers guide.

Many microforms with accession numbers, such as these, below, have been moved to Remote Storage.  

The Observer. London.

11202 Microforms

MSU Libraries has 1791-1980.

The London Chronicle. London, G. Harvey, etc., Jan. 1, 1757-April 28, 1823.

13275 Microforms

MSU Libraries has v. 1-133, but not all the issues.

The London Gazette. London, Edward Jones, 1666-

1949 Microforms

MSU Libraries has 1700-1800.