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Paris Between the Wars: Bibliographies

This is a guide to researching Paris between World Wars I and II, particularly from historical and literary perspectives.


Bibliographies are works that list and describe other books, articles, etc. on a topic, person, country, city, etc. After consulting one of these works, check the online catalog to see if we have the books or journals that look useful.

Paris DC 707 .C46 1998 Main

This is a bibliography of works on Paris. See esp. pp. 45-47 on “L’entre deux guerres, 1918-1939.” Again, it is in the works used by the authors that the primary sources will be found. You might also find useful the chapter of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and diaries, the entries on some of the authors of the interwar period, entries on the arts, fashion, architecture, the media, newspapers and periodicals.

AHA Guide to Historical Literature D 20 .A55 1995 Reference and Main

Chapter on France since 1789. See under political history on p. 846 the section on Third Republic, 1870-1940, which is on pp. 853-856. Well chosen secondary works on the period. Also other sections in this chapter on different kinds of history, cultural/intellectual, etc.

Americans in Paris, 1900-1930, a Selected, Annotated Bibliography DC 718 .A44 1989 Main

Chapters on historical background, newspaper accounts from New York Times, expatriation question, tourism and Americanization, writers and their crowd, painters/sculptors/photographers, musicians and other Paris Americans, creative literature. Indexed by author and subject. Has a rate of exchange table showing the value of the American dollar each year from 1918-1930. Obtain citations to primary sources by American authors on their times in Paris here.

Paris, a Guide to Archival Sources for American Art History N 6850 .G73 1997 Fine Arts-Art Reference

Histoire Urbaine en France, Moyen Age – XX Siecle, Guide Bibliographique, 1965-1996. HT 135 .H52 1998 Main

Bibliographie der Franzosischen Literaturwissenschaft Main Z 2173.3 .B5

Interprets French literature in a broad sense.  Lists books, articles, theses published during the period covered, analyzing in each volume some 400 periodicals and more than 150 collections.  Arrangement is chronological, from Middle Ages onward, with indexes by name and by subject.  In French and German.

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