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Paris Between the Wars: Texts About Paris

This is a guide to researching Paris between World Wars I and II, particularly from historical and literary perspectives.

Texts About Paris

Almanach de Paris de 1789 à nos Jours  DC 723 .A483 1990 v. 2  Main

Extensive chronology in French. Also heavily illustrated. The pictures are primary sources. Might try a keyword search thus in the online catalog for more: paris and (pict* or illus*)

Nouvelle Histoire de Paris, Paris de 1914 à 1940 DC 736 .B3 1997 Main.

In French. The whole area of the Main stacks from DC 700-800 is history of Paris.

One Thousand Buildings of Paris DC 771 .B67 2003 Main

Black and white photographs. Text in English. Arranged by arrondissement, the municipal districts of Paris. Provides date of construction, builder/architect, name, and address. See where people lived, the cafes, etc. Maps of each arrondissement, with entry numbers keyed to the building numbers in the text. The numbers in the index refer to the page numbers.

Greater Journey: Americans in Paris, by David G. McCullough.  DC 718 .A44 M39 2011 Browsing Collection, Main Library, near Circulation Desk.

Might try this keyword search in our online catalog for more: paris and (pict* or illus*)



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