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Paris Between the Wars: Maps and Atlases

This is a guide to researching Paris between World Wars I and II, particularly from historical and literary perspectives.

Maps and Atlases

To find more maps and/or get research help with maps, see the map librarian, Kathleen Weesies. The Map Library has a web site and it has a section of www links.

Place Names of France Map Library Quick Reference DC 14 .R76 2004

France, Official Standard Names…. Map Library Quick Reference DC 14 .U52 v. 1-2

  • Gives latitude and longitude which helps locate a place on a map
  • Atlas of Twentieth Century World History Map Library G 1035 .D63 1991 MA
  • Has a section of maps on Europe in the interwar period

Times Atlas and Gazetteer of the World 1922 Map Library Supersize Atlas G 1019 f. T52 1922

See maps 28,29,30,31 for France in 1922

Atlas Historique de l’Urbanisation de la France 1811-1975 Map Library Supersize Atlas G 1841 f.E27 D863 1981 MS

Gives populations of municipalities in France in various years with several maps of the interwar period.

Nouveau Plan du Paris Monumental Map Library 630-a E-nd France (Paris)

A sheet map dated “ca ‘28” on the back which has a nice layout with the streets named and also major buildings.

Paris [a German map] Map Library 630-a A-nd France (Paris)

A sheet map of Paris, undated, but of the period, very dense looking.

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