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Paris Between the Wars: Texts and Links

This is a guide to researching Paris between World Wars I and II, particularly from historical and literary perspectives.

Texts and Links

A Paris Bibliography
By a professor at Centenary College of Louisiana.

Bibliotheques Specialisees de la Ville de Paris

Website of special libraries of Paris. Contains catalog of collections and full texts of various works: views of Paris, collection of wallpapers, embroidery patterns, fashion plates, two major atlases of Paris, documents of Louise Michel, Diary of John Grualt, 1639 atlas of the world, dust jackets of American illustrated pulp fiction of the 1920s and 1930s, digitized 78 rpm records.

Dada, Surrealist, and 20th –Century Avant Garde Periodicals in the Sheridan Libraries’ Collections
[at Johns Hopkins University]

France between the Wars, 1918-1939
By Richard Doody. Extensive time line at the beginning. Biographical links to click on towards the bottom.

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe See link at bottom of this page.

European History Primary Sources 

Provides links to free scholarly websites of digitized priimary documents and online digital archives on European history.  Browse by country, language, period, subject, or type of source.

French Studies Web
Part of WESSWEB, which is compiled and maintained by American college and university librarians.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Scroll down the left side, in the green barred area, click on “Age of Anxiety,” and then at the top of this section on “An Age of Anxiety: the Interwar Years” where you may find some full texts of the period. Not many French documents, but British and American ones and a section for Inter-War International Relations at the bottom might be useful.

OAIster… Find the Pearls
OAIster is a broad, generic, information retrieval resource for information about publicly available digital library resources provided by the research library community. Using the search engine provided, scholars are able to identify full-text resources in repositories that are freely accessible with no restrictions on the Worldwide Web. This is a project of the University of Michigan Library. All subject fields are covered.

Yale University Libraries’ web pages on French History 1500 to the Present
They have far more material and more expertise in French history than M.S.U. We may or may not have the materials referred to.

The Paris Pages
See especially their “other links” link at Oodles of possibilities here. Images, links to museums, and more.


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